Molson Coors Knows What Women Want — Pink Beer


Written by Christie Thompson, a blogger for Ms. Magazine

It seems ad execs at Molson Coors were looking for a new way to alienate include women. With only 17 percent of Molson Coors’ sales coming from women, company heads knew they had to do something.

But instead of, say, rethinking their exclusively male-targeted ad campaigns for Coors Light (for example), they’ve found a simpler solution: red food coloring. In London this fall, Molson Coors is launching Animée Beer , a new product aimed at that elusive woman beer customer. It’s pink! Problem solved.

In essence, Molson Coors has kept the doors locked on its “no-girls-allowed” beer clubhouse, but poked its head out to say, “Hey look! We set up a crappy flowered tent next door. You guys can hang out there.”

Jeremy Brooks via flickr


The new “beer” comes in three different flavors, clear filtered, crisp rose, and zesty lemon. Molson Coors understands that women would never be interested in drinking beer that tastes like beer. We only drink chardonnay and wine coolers. Guardian columnist Melissa Cole, who taste-tested Animee, writes, “If anyone can identify anything even approaching a normal beer flavour in any of these drinks I’ll eat my hat.”

Product development heads at Molson also know the best way to market to women is to make us self-conscious about our bodies. So their new brew is low-cal and “bloat-resistant.” (What this pseudo-scientific advertising claim actually means is unclear.)

The irony is that for a moment there, it seemed Molson had actually caught onto the fact that they (along with most other beer companies) have been alienating women for decades. A woman spokesperson for the brewery said:

One of the things we need to recognize in the industry is that we’ve effectively ignored 50 percent of the population for many years. There’s something fundamentally wrong with the relationship women have with beer.

If Molson Coors needed help rectifying this, instead of pinkwashing their product, they could have looked at recent marketing survey findings. The number one reason women said they don’t buy beer is because they’re put off by the “inherent sexism in [its] advertising and marketing.” Surprisingly, “beer is an ugly shade of yellow-brown” was nowhere to be found on the list of women’s hangups.

So while Molson Coors claims to have seen the light, this recent product launch proves they’re still as clueless as ever. All I want to know is: Was everyone at Molson Coors drunk when they thought up this latest scheme?

This post was originally published by Ms. Magazine.

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Citlalli Valles
Citlalli Valles6 years ago

Pink beer? Excuse me, but what in heck were they thinking?

Craig Powers
Craig Powers6 years ago

Wow...women will actually complain about everything...
Ladies, please do me a favour: next time you sit down to watch TV please focus on the commercials and make a tally of all the commercials that make women look bad and compare it to the number of commercials that belittle men.
No comparison - for every 1 commercial that "degrades" women, there are 5 that make men look like morons.
Now, after examining the heavily slanted ratio of commercials - make a point of noting every complaint made by a male towards the negative display of men in the media...Similarly, I would guess that at the absolute least, for every comment from a male, that same male can expect 5 from his female counterpart.

Find something meaningful to bitch about, otherwise all I am able to take from this is that women are so caught up in the most minor and irrelevant matters that no matter what happens, they will always be able to find the next stupid thing to annoy men about.

O and by the way - that 18-40 year old male demographic is way more important than developing the female market - hence, no companies willingness to risk alienating that market because the female market could never justify such a loss.

Beverly G.
bev g6 years ago

Dianne R. u right.

Beverly G.
bev g6 years ago

i dont like the advert picture above, its sexist.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Must be hard workdreaming up and marketing gender biased, racist, and degrading products to sell to idiotic and neanderthal humans.

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson6 years ago

COORS ( and in fact, many manufactures ) don't seem to realize that WOMEN THINK. Some like beer some don't .BUT the FASTEST WAY to ALIENATE ALL WOMEN is to treat us like IDIOTS---PINK? REALLY? P.S.Very few thirsty women are impressed by logos involving breasts.How many MEN would eat a food with a PENIS on the label?

Robyn L.
Robyn P6 years ago

Not that Coors Light is made in Colorado anymore, but if you drink beer, and want a pink one, Southern Sun in Boulder makes a nice summer raspberry wheat.
Coors could have done that and created a marketing campaign based on sophistication (and points for the men having to live up to women's expectations).
Sure, the big breweries would still use food dye, but they are all about image, and images are easy to remake. Who remembers Coors' support of Denver PD in the 70s, when DPD was running roughshod over minorities' civil rights?
Coors' response? Suck up to women with breast self exam cards.

An Mi
Anna M6 years ago

First off, Coors beer sucks, whether it's pink, blue, or rainbow. Funny they never thought to include some shirtless guys in the ads to peddle their horse pee to the female masses like they always throw in some "beach bunnies" for that much-worshipped 18-40something male demographic. Oh, but there's that old stereotype that men are just so much "more visual" than women, probably perpetuated by the same idiots who brought us the Carls Jr crap. Yeah, whatever. The people who buy bad beer and crappy food based on ads are going to do it no matter what new stupid, insulting idea is thrown their way.

Oh, and I like beer and enjoy drinking it, but as a young woman, I don't want intellectually insulting pink horse p*ss. haha. As an aside, there is actually a Chinese beer that tastes like roses, and it's not nearly as bad/weird as it sounds. Women are not the only ones to drink it. ;-)

Jim V.
Jim V6 years ago

Yummy - red dye #3!
Does one pee red too?

Jess D.
Jess D6 years ago

Ugh, another fail for Coors. I, personally, am a huge beer fan. I don't buy Coors because it tastes awful, not because it isn't pink and frilly. I think they should just scrap this one and head back to their pink, lace-curtained drawing board.