Montana Lawmaker Pushes Militia Bill

Montana state Rep. Wendy Warburton (R) is introducing a bill to create a state militia based on her belief that “Montana needs an armed paramilitary group of volunteers.”  The “home guards” would provide services in case of emergencies to “fill in the gap between community service organizations” and the National Guard.

The bill would allow the “home guard” organizations to be formed in companies each with their own uniforms, flags and identities.  The bill would also allow them to form into infantry companies.  The groups would be free from federal oversight and the state would both certify companies and pick up the tab in the event they cause damage to equipment (or presumably people) during active duty.

According to the Huffington Post’s Nick Wing, Warburton originally called these “home guard” units “organized militias” but backed away from the term after catching some negative attention.

Warburton’s bill is just the latest in a series of state measures that institutionalizes anti-government rhetoric at a dangerous level.  According to Think Progress, anti-government, extremist-friendly lawmakers in both Arizona and Oklahoma have also considered creating official militia groups.  And that doesn’t even count the hundreds of “Patriot” groups across the country seeking to make similar gains into state governments.

Given the rise of the militia movement and its new and cozy relationship with leadership on the right, this movement at the state level should alarm any reasonable American.  It’s not just the idea of armed vigilante groups doing the job of the National Guard and local law enforcement, it’s the fact that these groups would essentially answer to no-one with state taxpayers picking up the tab when they screw up.

photo courtesy of Gideon Tsang via Flickr


John Doe
james rico6 years ago

i can not judge them as they are being flooded with illegals comeing over and have lots of babys this makes their taxes go up sky high i see it happening in towns near herebut its worst there as right on the border

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y6 years ago

Isn't security what we have regular law enforcement and the army for?

A group of paramilitaries with guns is exactly what the Nazis created to intimidate other political parties. They were called the S.A. (SturmAbteilung) i.e., 'Storm Troopers.'

Frank S.
6 years ago

These are the type of people that inhabit the fringe right-wing. This is why progressives must remain vigilant, because the types of lunatics we are dealing with, will always believe that they are right, even if what they are doing is evil!

The Shawna Forde trial: The lunatic-fringe supporters make their presence felt
By David Neiwert
January 28, 2011 02:00 PM

"Yes, it's true: Shawna Forde has her defenders -- one of her old Minuteman border-watch associates, in fact, who has concocted a conspiracy theory that this was all a setup to pin the crime on Shawna and the Minutemen. She even has an explanation for how Forde managed to get ahold of survivor Gina Gonzalez's jewelry.”-

mae w.
Marissa m6 years ago

As I see it, there is nothing wrong with being anti-government, when it is the same government that would peddle genetically modified organisms to us; GMO's have been PROVEN as cancerous. Yet here they are in our food supply for the last 18 years.

Melina W.
Past Member 6 years ago

Real anarchists believe in non-violence.

Manny N.
Manny Navarro6 years ago

anarchists plain and simple. blind republicans who give their money to the rich every time they vote.uneducated and want their kids to stay ignorant.BUT GO TO CHURCH AND PRAY FOR YOURSELF.

Khat Bliss
Past Member 6 years ago

Sure glad I don't live in Montana anymore!

Frank S.
6 years ago

The Shawna Forde murder trial is now ongoing. She clearly demonstrates a tragic example of the types of people whom are drawn to joining these types of civilian militias.

Also the people whom are members of these right-wing type of militias, are obviously the worst kinds of low life sickos in the world! To just shoot a little girl in the head without remorse while believing that they are doing something good, is beyond comprehension. To allow these types of mental cases to strut around carrying guns and allowing them to think that they are the law of the land, would be the stupidest decision, ever made, in the history of the United States of America!

Former Minutemen member faces murder trial
By Ismael Estrada, CNN
February 3, 2011 -- Updated 2046 GMT (0446 HKT)

“Gonzales says her daughter began to question why her mother and father were shot when the gunman reloaded his weapon. "I can hear her say 'Please don't shoot me,' " Gonzales said, wiping away tears and sobbing.”- CNN

“The gunman paid no attention to her pleas and fired two shots into Brisenia's head, causing the girl to fly back on the couch, Gonzales recounted. She said she could hear her daughter struggling to breathe as the intruders began to steal items and leave the home. Gonzalez made her way to a weapon her husband kept in the kitchen and called 911.”- CNN

Linda Bishop
Linda McCaughey6 years ago

who ARE these people, and what nasty little planet did they come from?

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Well it's obvious many of you see the ultimate outcome of this, and that which is really more frightening - the elected officials from the local level to the highest in the land - have become mouth pieces for the power brokers that are unnamed the hence not accountable to the public.
We rant and rave and (correctly) decry the idiocy of the overt attempts to undermine our laws and our sovereignty. What we are all (also correctly) sensing is the underlying manipulations that have resulted in the rapid draining of the power we as people had to change things in this country in the lawful ways provided in the constitution.
There are many good people living in all of these United States and they will have to come together to protect themselves and their communities from just this sort of "protection".
We are already a third-world nation. by our own definition of the words and we have all been remiss in guarding our minds and hearts from the clever and deliberate propaganda machines that preach fear and loathing to do nothing more than to gain power over what was the richest country in the world.
Many of us can see it coming and are wisely trying to prepare.