More Claims The Girl Scouts Are Radical Feminists

It would appear that Republican legislators get a good deal of their legislative inspiration from the internet.

Not only do they cite Ann Coulter as an authority on the wage gap, they point to “the information that’s floating around the internet”  as reason to refuse to allow a resolution honoring the Girl Scouts out of committee. The shocking bit of information that would lead a Republican lawmaker to stand up in opposition to the Girl Scouts? Claims the group is linked to Planned Parenthood, naturally.

Rep. Wess Keller of Wasilla (yes, that Wasilla) blocked a routine resolution in the Alaska legislature honoring the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts. And according to reports, it was quite a spectacle. The Anchorage Daily news reported Keller was downright combative in refusing to let the measure out of committee.

“I’m sure you are aware of the information that’s floating around the internet, and I’d like to give you the opportunity to respond to your connection, the Girl Scout connection, with Planned Parenthood and the activist role in that — is there a connection? Is there not? Frankly, I haven’t looked into it but I see it’s out there,” Keller told Katya Wassillie, an intern who was given the chance to introduce the resolution by Democratic state Sen. Bettye Davis.

If this sounds familiar that’s because a similar incident happened in Indiana just over a month ago. That Republican representative later apologized.

The Girl Scouts of Alaska issued a statement in response to Keller, calling his charges groundless. “We take no position on the subjects of birth control or abortion and we believe these topics are best discussed between girls and their families. Neither Girl Scouts of USA, nor Girl Scouts of Alaska has a relationship or partnership with Planned Parenthood,” the group wrote on Friday.

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Alice L.
Alice L5 years ago


Alice L.
Alice L5 years ago


Kate G.
Kate G.5 years ago

Is anyone surprised that a repiglican is a buffoon?

Kenneth D.
Kenneth Davies5 years ago

Girl scouts are feminist campaigners? What a load of rubbish- unless America is vastly different from UK all the movement does is to encourage girls to have a happy, healthy and respectful life.

Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer5 years ago

An organization that treats the women in it in a homogeneous way?

Hardly radical. Sound more conforming to me.

Ruth Barrett
Ruth Barrett5 years ago

Girl scouts helps train feminists? Good! A feminist is someone who believes that a person's opportunities and control over their life shouldn't be limited because that person is a woman. How radical!

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago

Having 'in-laws' in the Wasilla area I can tell you this is a very radical hot bed and a religious radical hot bed at that. The way my partner's siblings talk is just as insane as this jerk and yes they hate President Obama, I kid you not the word hate is very appropriate. My partner is a college grad (only one in her family), progressive, spiritual but walked away from the Church and all religions decades ago and is just the opposite of her siblings. Go figure!?!?

James E.
James E5 years ago

Even if Planned Parenthood did help sponsor the Girl Scouts in someway questioning a resolution to honor their 100th Anniversary is absurd.

Miranda Lyon
Miranda Lyon5 years ago

"I haven't looked into it but I see it's out there." When public officials of this caliber are elected, what can one expect?

Dan B.
Dan Brook5 years ago

The regressive Republican Party of No is obstructionist, mean-spirited, thuggish, religiously fanatical, scientifically ignorant, corrupt, hypocritical, xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic, evolution and global warming denying, oily, anti-environment, anti-health, anti-consumer, anti-choice, anti-birth control, anti-education, anti-99%, union busting, Medicare mashing and Social Security slashing, fiscally irresponsible, authoritarian, selfish, greedy, out-of-touch, dishonest, lacking compassion, warmongering, and otherwise dangerous.

NEVER vote for Republicans.