More Progress on Gay Marriage in Brazil and…Poland?

Brazil may soon join neighbor Argentina in approving gay marriage.

Brazil’s Supreme Appeals Court said yesterday, October 25, that under Brazil’s constitution, Ozório Katia and Leticia Perez can be legally married.

“Sexual orientation should not serve as a pretext for excluding families from the legal protection that marriage represents”, the court said in a statement.

The vote was 4-1, with the sole opposition judge arguing that the decision should come from the the next legal tier up, the Supreme Court.

It is not legally binding on Brazilian states, but legal experts believe that it creates a precedent which some states may follow.

The Supreme Court approved civil unions in May. A change to a marriage status for couples would effect inheritance and partners being automatically included on health insurance and other contracts.

Reports said that the lesbian couple is thrilled with the decision, but they declined to talk to the press.

Two weeks ago, Poland elected its first gay member of parliament — and the world’s only current transgender MP.

Now it looks as if civil partnerships could be passed by the new parliament.

Gay MP Robert Biedron says that his party will join forces with the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) party and reintroduce a bill on civil partnerships.

Biedron told Polish Radio on Monday that:

“Hundreds of thousands of couples are already living in informal partnerships, and they are waiting for state regulation regarding inheritance and joint taxation.”

The bill was blocked previously by the right-wing coalition government, but Prime Minister Donald Tusk, whose party once again emerged as the dominant force in Polish politics in the 9 October general election, promised that he was “ready to discuss civil partnerships” and that it would be “one of the first” items to be addressed if his party was reelected.

Biedon said that Poland’s Supreme Court may deem it unconstitutional, owing to a law protecting marriage as the legal union between men and women. But if a new form of legal partnership was created, this stumbling block would not affect same-sex couples.

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Agnieszka M.
Agnieszka Mainka6 years ago

I'm heterosexual Pole (*winks at Trudi G.*) and I'd like to say that for the first time I can see the light at the end of the tunnel my country was in since the dark ages. I wish I could say we're close to achieve true tolerance toward gays and same-sex couples, but I'm not such an optimist. On the other hand, if we've elected people like Robert Biedron and Anna Grodzka members of parliament, it's a great step ahead for my retarded nation. Sadly, they have small chances to reach their goal about make civil partnership legal but it's a good thing they at least make the problem visible.

Trudi Gray
Trudi Gray6 years ago

Here I have to offer comment- I feel that the likelihood of Poland allowing for gay marriage is about as possible as my sprouting wings and flying there......I am almost 74, and have NEVER yet met a heterosexual Pole, male or female that didn't profess a profound hatred of gay people- men in particular..even though some of them had never, to their knowledge, met one. A similar attitude seems to prevail among Russians- this in spite of the fact that both countries have to, by the law of averages, have their all voiced statements the attitude was particularly will it happen? And, if it does, what kind of time do we think that such people as embrace their identity and come out will have at the hands of the bigoted majority?

Glen P.
Glen P6 years ago

It's heartening to see the world progress on the true meaning and value of marriage, especially in places like Poland, where backwater ancient religious bigotries tend to rule the day.

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

No Akmal, because an animal can't say "I do". A marriage is between 2 consenting adult human beings! I can't believe you can be so ignorant and stupid to throw in the lame "stoop to being with animals" thing for marriage! In regards to your idiotic statement of sodomy "spreading fast in our nations"'s been around for centuries already. And you shouldn't fear the so-called reduction of "population growth" I said before, the straights/hetro's are doing a fine job of making more babies! Same-sex couples can have babies through a surrogate mother, or one of the lesbian partners can be artificially inseminated and carry a child if she so desires. Then there is also adoption, which can futher help these already over-populated countries.

Lastly...are you a "closet-case" too? I bet you are! As Jane said to Blanche in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Hudson"..."Butcha y'are Blanche...butcha y'are in a wheel chair"! In your, Dawid's and Marianne's case..."butcha y'are gay"!!

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Winn Adams
Winn A6 years ago

I hope they do

Akmal Pasha
Akmal Pasha6 years ago

@ Chris and Harry:

Animals mate with sisters and mother. Are you going to recommend this as natural? I believe you would not, at least as of now. Possibly in the near future? In Asia, people say: "Can you stoop down to the level of animals?" for such relationships and believe that humans have better sense and discretion. Glad that Dawid and Marianna also think this way. Unfortunately homosexuality aka sodomy is spreading fast in your countries.

Whether it will have impact on population growth? Yes, the way it is being encouraged and glorified, it is not a joke.

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

cont...But the moment they bash the LGBT community...then later get caught, their fair game and deserve to be outed!

I wish the best to all LGBT's in Brazil!

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

Mitch...thank-you for your comments! Marianne is one of these individuals who thinks everyone is going to turn "gay" and the worlds population will fall into the ocean. Marianne must realize that there are plenty of hetro's/straights out there to make and churn out them babies! As Chris M said, "Heterosexuals have brought the world to the brink of destruction in their selfish quest to reproduce beyond the capacity of our planet to sustain the population".

In regards to Dawid, I'm firmly convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that he's a major closet case. The poor guy is probably stuck in some marriage due to family obligation, tradition of his culture in S. Africa, or "something" like that. He probably realized he was gay along time ago, but now feels he can't do anything about it. So he becomes like the many closeted preachers, christian extremists who have been outed after being caught living a double-life and lie. So during the mean time, he preaches, and points fingers at the people he's probably most jealous of...the ones who have the courage to live their lives openly as a gay or lesbian individual. He must be a very depressed, sad and frustrated person in life. Why else would he constantly return to these forums? Another one you gotta watch out for is "Vernon C"...another major closet case. Poor things, you almost feel sorry for them. But if someone wants to remain in the closet, but not point fingers and preach to save their own asses...then fine. But t

Paul canning
Paul canning6 years ago

@Marta D.

The PR I saw says that Biedron is the first (openly) gay Polish MP though - who came before him?