Morning Mix: Biden, 2016?

We haven’t even started the actual primary process for 2012 yet, but hey, why not start talking about 2016, right?

When asked about the rest of his political future while doing a CNN interview, Vice President Joe Biden alluded that he might be considering a presidential run of his own after the Commander in Chief vacates the White House.† According to the Caucus, Biden told his interviewer “My one focus now is getting the president re-elected.”† But when asked about down the road, he stated, ďIíll make up my mind on that later….Weíll find out, you know. Letís get the president re-elected.Ē

But as to whether he has the stamina for running the country once he’s done as Vice President, Biden left no doubt that he’s got plenty of gas left in the tank. “Iím in probably the best shape Iíve been in my life. Iím doing pretty well. Iím enjoying what Iím doing. And as long as I do, Iím going to continue to do it.”

More gas or not, will Biden be too far past his prime to get elected?† The Fix says, “No presidential has ever been elected in their 70s. Ronald Reagan was the oldest, first taking the oath of office when he was 69. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was 72 on Election Day 2008, when he lost to President Obama.”

Biden would be 73.



Photo credit: wikimedia commons


Penny M.
Penny Moonstone6 years ago

Can't the democrats come up with someone who actually gives a crap about the 99%? It infuriates me that the two party system forces me to choose between the mentally deranged and the mentally indifferent.

ida w.
Ida Nga Sze W6 years ago

he has very nice teeth for a man his age. are they real?
you know media made fun of him. but if in a pretty interesting book called "getting pass no: negotiation in difficult situation"
joe binden was in it. it was about a negotiation with the soviet when he was a junior senator and he did good work. so i don't think anyone should underestimate him.

Gary A L.
Gary L6 years ago


scarlett g.
.6 years ago


Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

I like Joe, but Hillary and Lizzie would take it all!!!

Phil S.
Phil S.6 years ago

Biden has made so many verbal gaffes and ridiculous statements it would be sheer stupidity to turn him loose upon civilization. It seems quite a challenge to keep him from proving his ignorance and not engaging brain before opening his yap. And Dan Quale was branded ignorant for misspelling potato? Bidens mistakes are legend and only a kind press protects him by not telling the public how dumb this guy reall is. Want some good laughs?Google him! President??? Really now!

Bryan S.
Bryan S6 years ago

Dotti...that would be the "Dream Team" ticket! Those 2 women would be unstoppable.

paul c.
paul c6 years ago

Snowball's chance in hell. In August. On a really hot day.

Not gonna happen.

Dotti Lydon
Dotti L6 years ago

How about Hilary for Pres. and Elizabeth Warren for V.P.??

Maurice Simoens
Maurice Simoens6 years ago

vote democrats for ever,never again the dammed repb bandits,they have spoiled lifes and money and or jobs,we need toi reelect obama