Morning Mix: Endorsed By The Wrong Palin

Congratulations, Newt Gingrich!  You just received the all important, coveted Palin endorsement!

Oh, wait.  No, you got Todd.

When you’re struggling to get out of the middle of the pack, after once joyfully being declared a frontrunner, any endorsement is likely something to get excited about.  But the former Speaker of the House’s apparent joy over being chosen by the snowmobiling former First Gentleman of Alaska is almost as odd as the fact that Todd is endorsing at all.

According to the Washington Post, “Palin said he has not spoken to Gingrich or anyone from the former House speaker’s campaign. But he said he respects Gingrich for what he went through in the 1990s and compared that scrutiny in public life to what Sarah Palin went through during her run for the vice presidency. Todd Palin said he believes that being in the political trenches and experiencing the highs and lows help prepare a candidate for the future and the job of president.”

In fact, Palin went even further, claiming to ABC News that “Gingrich is not one of the typical ‘beltway types’ and that his campaign has ‘burst out of the political arena and touched many Americans.’”

So is the Todd endorsement really a proxy nod at Gingrich from Sarah herself?  The Christian Science Monitor writes, “The point to be made here is in fact relatively obvious: Gingrich hopes to equate Todd’s nod with Sarah. A Palin endorsement would be a big help for someone whose campaign could be ended by a poor showing in South Carolina. It would give Gingrich more tea party bona fides in his competition with Rick Santorum for the non-Mitt Romney primary slot.”

But with the New Hampshire primary today, Todd’s thoughts, be they linked to Sarah or not, are likely to be of little consequence.  Alexandra Petri states, “This endorsement matters to two people — one of them is Todd Palin, and the other one is not registered to vote and lives in a snowmobile.”

Or, to put it more concisely, “Better headline: Todd Palin Endorses More Media Coverage Of Palins.”

Photo credit: David Shankbone, via Wikimedia commons


Chad A.
Chad A6 years ago

Sarah Palin could endorse Gingrish herself and he still would not be any more appealling!

Diana Bair
Diana Bair6 years ago


Jan N.
Jan N6 years ago

Gingrich has "touched many Americans" all right. Usually while married to someone else.

Mary Beth M.
MaryBeth M6 years ago

South Carolina's Tea Party is looking for a Republican they can endorse that isn't Romney whom they "despise"... maybe this will help their decision and split the vote?

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Getting Todd is like getting Sarah...he does her thinking for her.

Ann W.
Ann W6 years ago

Newt - I wouldn't be overjoyed about this. I would have thought that an endorsement from a Palin - any Palin - would be the kiss of death!

Mercedes Lackey
Mercedes Lackey6 years ago

This just in: The Palins' addiction to fame so acute that when there is no mention of one of them in the news, Todd steps up to deliver an edict from the mountaintop!

Carlene V.
Carlene V6 years ago

Todd Palin is as stupid as Silly Sarah. They just can't stay out of the limelight. Todd says "Gingrich is not one of the typical belt-way types", really Todd? No, he is just a politician taken out by his own party who then became a lobbyist. What a great reference that is.

Louise D.
Louise D6 years ago

Not exactly an ringing endorsement given Newt is lucky to be polling 9% still the whole caucus situation is very much like bald men fighting over a comb. Still, I suppose if it was Michael Palin it would be a lot better.

Linda T.
Linda T6 years ago

I'm just surprised he came out from behind his wifes skirt.