Morning Mix: GOP Field Weighs In On Cain

Now that businessman Herman Cain has announced his plans to “reassess” his candidacy for president of the United States, the other GOP contenders have plenty to say about him, most of it “supportive.”

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who lost her front tier status as more social conservatives turned to Cain as a more viable candidate, is hedging on whether or not Cain should just go ahead and drop out of the running, saying it’s not her call to make. “‘Thatís for the voters to determine and heíll have to make the determination about where he goes with his campaign,’ Bachmann said on CNN. ‘His campaign is reassessing where heís at and Iím sure heíll make a decision before too long.’”† However, she does position herself as the candidate to turn to if you want to ensure there are no skeletons waiting in the closet.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich also played it close to the vest, despite being the candidate benefiting the most from Cain’s fall from grace. “‘No oneís disqualified,’ Gingrich told CBS News. ‘I think every candidate has the right to try to recover.’ More specifically, he added, ‘I like Herman Cain personally … I think it must be very painful to go through what heís going through right now.’Ē† Considering all of the public issues with infidelity Gingrich has gone through, he would know exactly how “painful” Cain’s current experience is.

And once more, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman breaks from the rest of the GOP pack, saying Cain should just pack it in. “Youíve got to be reconsidering just based on how we have lost focus on the issues that really do matter. Every time another accusation comes up, it diminishes our ability to stay focused on the issues that really do matter for the American people. And I think thatís a disservice to the voters.”

Cain is expected to make a decision about his campaign’s future sometime this week.† In the meantime, his lawyer said he has not ruled out filing charges against Ginger White, who publicly accused Cain earlier this week of having a long standing extramarital affair with her.

Photo from Gage Skidmore via flickr creative commons


Claudia O.
Claudia O6 years ago

The lights have pretty much gone out for Cain.

Maryanne E.
Maryanne E6 years ago

I believe an extramarital affair is really something that needs to be handled by the family and not dragged out into the media. Acknowledge it and move on. However, combine with the prior allegations against Cain, yeah. Not good.

Granted, I don't think Cain was a viable candidate in the first place, but this is kind of like the last straw.

Debbie Brady
Debbie B6 years ago

This Slimeball makes me sick. Please get him out of my sight.

diana rojek
diana r6 years ago

And the "esteemed" Mr. Trump de Dump says we should reserve judgement, that Mr.Cain seems like an honest man to him, that he probaly did not have an affair with the woman....yeah Donald, like you had any idea about fidelity!!!!

Marilyn NOfwds D.
6 years ago

Cain is not presidential material and neither is Gingrich.
If they can't make a marriage work, how will they make a government work?

donald baumgartner
donald B6 years ago

GOOD story Robin!!

donald baumgartner
donald B6 years ago


Brian F.
Brian F6 years ago

Cain is a liar. These women would not have come forward and risked public humiliation, unless their was some truth to their allegations. In addition Caian is a puppet of the billionare Koch brothers, and has no credibility.

David Conn
David Conn6 years ago

As was mentioned above Huntsman is about the only contender with enough brain cells for the job. And that's why, in todays GOP, he dosen't have a snowballs chance in hell.

Sue Jones
Sue Jones6 years ago

I think Cain's reason for entering the race was pure narcissism and a desire to sell his book - it wasn't because he was in the least bit qualified or even had a clue about what the Presidency is about or what the world is about, for that matter. He got caught up in the wave of GOP contenders who were "flavor of the month", had his turn and now is history - but maybe he sold a book or two. And, yes, we progressives would have loved to have had him run against Obama - it would have been a slam dunk for Obama.

BTW - did any of you read his foreign policy statement that was released the other day? OMG - this guy hasn't even watched Faux Noise lately - he's so far out of the loop.