Morning Mix: Happy Huntsman Day!

It’s finally here!  It’s like Christmas, New Years Eve and the Fourth of July all rolled into one.

Yes, it’s the day Jon Huntsman announces his intentions to run for president.

Ok, maybe that was a little bit of overkill.  But the way the political reporters are hitting it, you would think this is the biggest news since man walked on the moon.

Politico offers a snapshot of the many famous politicians who have used the venue Huntsman is choosing for today’s announcement, from Ronald Reagan to Jesse Jackson.   Others are arguing over whether the candidate is or is not, in fact, a true moderate, or just playing one to the Republican masses.

But the simple fact of the matter is that there’s really not a lot that anyone even knows about Huntsman.  Is he pro-civil unions or anti-civil unions? Is he an attack dog, or just a nice guy?  Is he “born to run” or a “total longshot?”

Either way, one thing seems apparent: he’s going to focus wholeheartedly on “economy” and hope that his ties to the Obama administration don’t hurt him too much with the Republican base he is trying to woo.

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Dan B.
Dan B6 years ago

The regressive Republican Party of No is obstructionist, mean-spirited, thuggish, religiously fanatical, scientifically ignorant, corrupt, hypocritical, xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic, evolution and global warming denying, oily, Medicare and Social Security slashing, union busting, authoritarian, selfish, greedy, lacking compassion, warmongering, and dangerous.

NEVER vote for or otherwise support Republicans.

monica r.
monica r6 years ago

Yeah, the comments looks bigger, but I can't FIND anything. It is harder than ever to check back in posts from earlier today or yesterday to keep up with the debate.


Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Care 2 I think the answer to Beth's question is NO.
I don't mind the new look of the comment section, except you no longer have the count for letters used. But I don't like going to these topic sections you set up to find things. All issues are important to me and to many so why should we have to search each individual topic. This was a mistake. Maybe you should have consulted your membership before you did something this drastic.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago
As far as I can see it wants me to develop a surveys not take one. I AM SO FRUSTRATED WITH THIS WHOLE THING. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE THINGS MORE COMPLICATED CARE2???????????

Beth S.
Beth S6 years ago

Does anyone like the new format?

Hege Torset
Hege Torset6 years ago


cecily w.
cecily w6 years ago

Because the U.S. population is projected to grow from 312 million to 423 million within the next 40 years--and this population growth will adversely impact most of the current problems in U.S. society--presidential candidates for the next nine or ten terms need to show an awareness of this situation in order to maintain credibility when influencing immigration policy and family planning funding.

Obama--the presumed 2012 Democratic candidate--with only two children, has credibility on this issue.

Of the eight declared Republican candidates, only three--Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, and Tim Pawlenty (each with only two children)--have credibility on this issue.

The other declared Republican candidates (with their numbers of biological children in parentheses) will not have the credibility to lead during the difficult times ahead.
Michele Bachmann (5), Jon Huntsman (7), Ron Paul (5), Mitt Romney (5), Rick Santorum (7).

Hannah W.
Hannah W.6 years ago


Mark M.
Mark M6 years ago

Like he hadn't decided five months ago that he was going to run when he resigned his ambassadorship to the largest nation on the planet? Hey, ya wanna buy some dirt-cheap Miami beach front real estate?
This is just another juke and feint the Republican'ts employ to keep eyes off their schemes of self-interest until they figure out a way to sell/market the brand. Huntsman is in a family that owns one of the biggest chemical companies in the U.S. That's anti-environment and pro-business right there, and that's how he would run the country. Already he's a pain in the ass and I haven't heard one word from his mouth.