Morning Mix: Romney Says Lay Off The Canines, Doggone It!

What first started off as a bit of a joke is now turning into a persistent theme in the presidential race, as stories of how former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney treats man’s best friend continue to…um…dog him in the media.

The week started out with the Romney’s in the dog house with voters for defending tying their Irish Setter to the top of the car for road trips, and then attending a birthday fundraiser with a man who once barbequed a dog on a spit.

Now, there’s a new story out about Romney’s inability to play well with canines. “Romney pulled into the driveway, jumped out of the car and immediately ran over to [Bain Capital colleague Patrick]Grahamís Doberman pinscher, Samurai. Clad in a suit and tie, and eager to set a rollicking tone for the weekend, Romney grabbed Samuraiís favorite rubber ball from his mouth, led him racing down a sandy path to the beach and launched the ball into the water. ‘Well, the damn ball didnít float,’ Graham said. ‘And my dog Samurai, he dove into that ocean for hours, and heíd come out of the ocean just whimpering.’Ē

Now the talk has gone on too long, and Romney wants it muzzled. He told Fox News that the stories are popping up again because the Obama campaign is trying to divert people from the economic issues facing the country. “Itís been three and a half years. The blame game has gone on a long time, and thatís kind of wound down now because heís been there so long. Now he is trying to divert attention from the economy and it wonít work…The people of America are going to choose a president based on jobs, not dogs.”

But despite conservatives claiming anyone who talks dogs instead of the economy belongs in the pound, they are also busy trying to stir up a dog fight of their own, reminding voters that President Barack Obama once ate dog when he was a child in Indonesia.† That news spread quickly through the conservative media, culminating in “#obamadogrecipes.

And this is what passes for vital campaign issues now that we have hit endless campaign mode.† Let’s hope someone puts a leash on this news cycle very soon.

Photo credit: wikimedia commons


Elisabeth Hansson
Elisabeth H1 years ago

ok, ty

Ed B.
Ed B5 years ago

Jeffrey, the other site you were posting on was also a Care2 story; I don't remember which one. Sorry if my post was misleading; I try to leave the misleading to the Obama haters.

Maria Angelica P.

Come on!
Mitt Romney is too idiotic, definitely idiotic to the highest degree!!!
Does IT really think one day we will forget ITS cruelty against the canines???

I would like to underline a little detail... I am well aware I have to improve my knowledge of English... However, IT and ITS are not mistakes!!!
They are entirely right, due to the fact that they deal with a thing, not with a living creature.

Yeah, Mitt Romney, you are nothing more than a thing... You are junk!!!

One day the canines will lead the world!!!

Gayle J.
Gayle, J5 years ago

This country is a joke! The fascist corporations who own the media don't allow any kind of serious debate about the issues, so it always comes down to the republiCONs twisting everything around and then blaming the liberals. RepubliCONS have no interest in discussing how to fix the country since it works really well for their billionaire benefactors and that's all they care about.

Maria M.
Maria M5 years ago

Personally, I wold like to see Romney muzzled. Anyone that votes for him are gioing against their own best interests.. unless of course they are a millionaire

Norene H.
Norene H5 years ago

Possibly Presidenrt Obama did eat dog when he was a child. Well, he was a CHILD and most children eat what is prepared for them by adults.These adults may not have told him what he was eating. Not like he sat in a restaurant and said "I'll have the dog, please." As to the opinion of Romney that voters will not take into consideration his horrible treatment of animals at election, well just remember there are a lot of animals in this country. If he will treat man's best friend in this fashion, how might he treat some who are not his best friend. Definitely do not want him making decisions for me. Who knows, I may have to ride to my own funeral in a crate, strapped to the top of the hearse!

Pamela K.
Pamela K5 years ago

Romney should face up to the fact that he will NEVER be able to live down the dog treatment issue--never!

David L.
David L5 years ago

Women don't like Romney.

Real Men don't like Romney.

Dogs and Children don't like Romney..

Doe's anyone like Mittens? Maybe he should just go and eat worms...


Chris B.
Chris B5 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Linda Jarsky
Linda Jarsky5 years ago

You did it Romney, now live with the blow-back from it!!

Mahatma Gandhi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.