Moscow Court Upholds 100 Year Pride Ban


Moscow’s appeals court on Friday upheld a decision by city officials to ban all Pride events in the area for the next 100 years.

This comes after gay rights campaigners, among them the renowned Nikolay Alekseyev, used a loophole in current law to apply for permits to hold Pride events for the next 100 years, hoping to provoke a stand-off with city officials that would allow campaigners to take the fight to court.

Alekseyev got his wish when, as expected, city officials rejected the request and effectively banned the Pride events for the next century, citing security and riot concerns. Gay rights campaigners then petitioned the local courts.

In June, the Moscow Tverskoy District Court ruled the city’s decision to ban the events were lawful. Now, Moscow’s appeals court has upheld that decision. Now, Alekseyev is determined to take this fight to the European Court of Human Rights.

Reports the BBC:

On Friday he said he would go back to the European Court in Strasbourg to push for a recognition that Moscow’s ban on gay pride marches – past, present and future – was unjust.

The Moscow city government argues that the gay parade would risk causing public disorder and that most Muscovites do not support such an event.

The European Court of Human Rights has on several occasions served the Russian authorities notice that any attempt to curtail freedom of speech and assembly of its citizens, under the guise of security concerns, run contrary to human rights standards unless there are mitigating and legitimate reasons. The ECHR has also made explicit that such freedoms must be given to all citizens, even minority groups that are unpopular.

The Russian Duma is currently flirting with a nationwide ban on the so-called “promotion” of homosexuality based on those adopted by several local authorities including the now infamous St Petersburg ban.


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Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

Wow...100 years, a lot can happen in that time.

Susanna Westerholm

Stop Putin!

Morgan McDowell
Morgan McDowell5 years ago

I don't like their laws, but what can I do about it?

Dieter Riedel
Dieter R5 years ago

It is simply the conservative church which is against gays, so not much will change.

Sally S.
Sally S5 years ago

Ridiculous but sadly typical.

Allan Yorkowitz
.5 years ago

Although Putin was sympathetic with the Pussy Riot sentence, this is a huge step backward for a "democratic" nation.

John B.
John B5 years ago

Thanks Steve for the aricle. A 100 year ban on Prtide events upheld as exspected. I certanly hope Mr. Alekseyev carries through on his threat to take this fight to the European Court of Human Rights. Please keep us updated on this Steve.

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance5 years ago

There seems to be more conservatism world wide --- Russia, USA, Arab states, Muslim states, African states just to name a few --- and one of the issues that they all seem to focus on is homosexuality. Why is that? Gays were created that way by the Creator. This is not a behavioural choice. Who the hell would choose to be gay if they knew they would be bullied, abused or killed?

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it."
Mahatma Gandhi

Denying gays exist does not make it so. Choose life, the fullness of life and all the colours of the rainbow. I wonder how Joseph and his Technicoloured Dream Coat would do in today's societies!

Bernd Friedel-Onasch

Hmmm…maybe Putin is trying to hide his real sexual preferences acting as he was a real macho man and on the contrary he is…hmmm.
Supporting these laws it will look like he is a real…hmmm.
Suspicious, very suspicious all these half naked pictures of him…hmmm

Maybe this guy isn't such a guy after all, did you see his Prime Minister?
Looks very much like him...both got something cooking and it's not politics.


Elizabeth L.
Elizabeth L5 years ago

Got to love Russia. Claims to be a forward thinking progressive country but really belongs in the same stable as those that haven't made it into the 19th century yet.