Most People Think Super PACs Should Be Illegal [VIDEO]

Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling on Citizen’s United, corporations can now spend unlimited funds to campaign against various politicians and legislation.  But for the millions of regular Americans who watch the money funnel into these political action committees, or super PACs, enough is enough.

According to polling done by Washington Post/ABC, nearly seven of ten people think super PACs should be illegal.  “Sixty-nine percent of all Americans and voters alike say super PACs, a fundraising vehicle that allows wealthy donors to make unlimited donations in support of a particular candidate or party, should be banned. Just 25 percent said they should remain legal. Those numbers were even more startling among political independents, 78 percent (!) of whom say super PACs should be illegal.”

For a funky, disco-style look at the issues with unlimited corporate spending in political campaigns, check out the ProPublica video below.

Photo credit: Youtube screen capture


Judith Harris
Judith Harris5 years ago

Look at the bills being proposed and follow the trail backwards. Fundamentalist religious groups who want to suppress women, non-heterosexuals, non-Christians, non-whites, etc. These people of the old guard fear and abhor change and diversity because it threatens their false identities.

Dianne Crossno
Dianne Crossno5 years ago

I think it's time to take ALL money out of the Presidential Elections.
Elect a president who considers "buying" a president unethical.
With the economy going down the tubes, people losing everything they have worked hard for, children and families starving, living on the failing in great numbers...why on earth do we continue voting for men spending millions and millions on an election?
I know, I will never happen. But, I could trust a presidential candidate easier... knowing it wasn't money getting him elected. It must be tuff, voting for a man who ran on millions, while you and your hungry family are living in a broken down car.

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

Citizens United will go down in history as the second worst decision in our history. This right wing partisan Supreme Court will go down in history as the worst in our history. Super pacs will seriously hurt America. We should have been working on election, and finance reforms instead of this travesty.

Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer5 years ago

Jeffrey W.,

Let me put this in terms you can understand. I am thinking visually here since that is your medium. Comparing corporate America's Super PACs to union Super PACs is like comparing elephant balls to little itty bitty mouse balls.

Jeffrey, get ready to kick, here come some itty bitty mouse balls.

john hall
john hall5 years ago

Here's what I think will happen if the super pacs had to list it's donors it would come down to where you the individual will have to report who you give to and I say screw that and quite frankly I don't care what millionaire give there money to .

Ray M.
Ray M5 years ago

Most multimillionaires don't and that's why it's the law. Who do you think really picks the supremes?

James K.
Mike Kelly5 years ago

John Roberts' legacy will forever name him as the single biggest traitor that the United States of America has ever seen. Our country was founded by men who wanted freedom from the corporate rule, and John Roberts has handed over control of our elections to multi-national corporations, forever.

When the royal family of England wanted to remove a tax on the tea imports of the British East India company, U.S. Patriots knew that locally grown and marketed tea would be put at a major disadvantage. They expressed their anger by dumping the first tax-free tea in Boston Harbor. Today's tea-baggers are being duped into believing that the Boston Tea Party was a rebellion against an unfair tax. It was a rebellion against the removal of a very fair tariff that leveled the playing field between the mega-corporation and the local small businesses.

This information is in the words of the last survivor of the Boston Tea Party raid. The raiders had all taken an oath of silence because they knew that if one of them talked, they all would be hung. When all had died but one, he put the story of the Boston Tea Party to pen and paper. Fact check through "Thom Hartmann." Of course tea-baggers are not concerned with facts.

Christopher Fowler

Jeffery W. You are a fool.

Let's look at what these superPACs have given us to work with, shall we?

The Constitution makes NOE equation between money and speech. If it did then we would be without a voice for all but the absolute richest.......that clearly includes people like you, too, right along with the rest of us that are not part of the 1% or 0.01%.

That is not what the Constitution was written to protect. We were never designed to be a society of haves and have-nots. If we were then we would have a king, Earls, Dukes and the rest of us would be serfs with no voice, rather than elected officials in our government and the ability to vote.

Clearly, you have drunk enough of the kool-aide that you have forgotten the many reasons, if you ever were awake enough to learn them, that we separated from the British empire and formed the type of government that the the world hadn't seen since the Greek empire.

Keep spouting off in protection of corruption; it just shows how ignorant of facts and reality that you and your dear corrupt party really are.

Nadine Hudak
Nadine H5 years ago

Illegalize it!

Rob Dean
Rob Dean5 years ago

We should not allow any money into the political races - NONE from any source at all. With the free internet to all there is no reason to spend any money on advertising. It is very easy and free to distribute the word on your political favorites using the web and social networking and it is all free. So, just use unpaid volunteers, no paid advertising, good news coverage and social networking. Why would anyone (Like Obama) spend over $1 billion to get elected to a 4 - year job that pays $400k a year? Shameful for all involved. Money could be better spent solving the problems we have in America and really getting people back to work and educated.