Mother Loses Custody of Teen For Refusing to Give Her Antipsychotics

A Detroit mother lost custody of her daughter after refusing to give her antipsychotic medications, which officials say the teen may not need in the first place.  Her mother, Maryanne Godboldo, was accused of medical neglect when her 13-year-old daughter, Ariana, began to have erratic symptoms following a series of vaccinations, and was given an antipsychotic drug by a center for at-risk youth.  Godboldo felt that the drug, however, made her daughter worse, and began looking for holistic treatments instead.  Child Protective Services then tried to remove Ariana from her home, resulting in a “stand-off” with a police SWAT team during which Godboldo reportedly fired a gun.

Ariana is currently at a local psychiatric hospital, where officials say there is no “emergency need” to give her antipsychotic drugs.  Even more disturbingly, Ariana has tested positive for an STD, which her father is saying is proof that she was sexually abused while she was at the hospital.

Godboldo is now facing criminal charges, including resisting arrest and firing a weapon in her home.  But she is still claiming that the state should not have intervened, particularly in the way that they did.  “They took her unlawfully,” said Godboldo. 

Ariana remains in protective care, despite the fact that the judge says she would like to have her discharged to a family member.  Bureaucracy is preventing that from happening in a timely manner.  The whole case is pretty stunning, especially considering that, as Anna North writes on Jezebel, Godboldo doesn’t seem to have been “jeopardizing her child’s mental or physical health.” 

So although this does raise questions about the use of traditional vs. nontraditional medicine and whether the state can intervene, these don’t seem to be relevant here.  Medical officials say that Ariana is not in dire need of the medication, and in a horrible irony, attempts to improve her well-being have torn her away from her family and resulted in her placement in a facility where she may have been sexually abused.  In this instance, the state may be more guilty than the mother of causing harm to Ariana.


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Charli S.
Charlotte S5 years ago

con't: who can't control what I say or do. And the worst part is that I may still be perfectly lucid inside but unable to control what my body does. Would YOU live like that if you could choose to end it before that happens? I've known many good people who have decided to end their existence because it is no longer a life. I've watched a friend who was in so much pain that he begged us to kill him...because he couldn't do it himself. I hope you're never faced with this choice. But if you are and you decide to end things....I will not judge you because that's not OUR job.

Charli S.
Charlotte S5 years ago

This is what is wrong with our "Nanny State". They often make WRONG decisions and still punish the parents for making the RIGHT decisions. It's time we took so much power away from officials. But as long as we want the government to fix us we will be victims of a system that has forgotten what is right and wrong. I have no problem with the government providing food and shelter for those in need (although it would be better if WE provided for those who can't provide) but I think the government should stay out of the lives of most people especially in a case like this. I to wonder if there is a petition to sign.

Debi P. I was a bit shocked at your judgmental attitude toward those who decide to end their lives. How wonderful it must be to have such a black and white view of life. Until you have walked in the shoes of others you should not judge them. I wake up everyday with pain that is often so bad that it takes everything I have not to end things. Eventually the monster will win out but I will probably end my life when I become too much of a burden to my family not just the pain and loss of function. The end result of my disease is that I will have NO FUNCTION and I have decided NOT to end up sitting in my own shit and piss while I drool and flop around like a fish out of water or worse. I might end up as a violent angry shell who abuses those who have to care for me. That is NOT a gift. I would rather die before my grandchildren, my husband and my kids see me as a monster

Lilithe Magdalene

Is there a petition?

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago


Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago

this is ridiculous

Ian MacLeod
Ian MacLeod6 years ago

From everything I can find, the CPS woman who called the police had no authority to do so. The agreement the girl's mother signed said she had the right to back out of the treatment plan at any time. (It sounds to me as though the CPS person was angry at what she saw as a threat to her authority). Also, the child's own doctor had agreed a)that her problems were likely a vaccine reaction and b)that the antipsychotic was not a good thing and should be stopped. The cops had no warrant and no authority to do what they did either. They were, at the time of the incident, acting as criminals, and were a clear threat to the health and safety of this woman's daughter. If She and her daughter lose this in court, then it's as I said: we have NO rights. We are not permitted to defend ourselves or our children, even against illegal, harmful acts by anyone with government cache', especially the police.

If they want to beat you or shoot you, burn out your child's nervous system with drugs, kidnap your child, or anything else, so long as they come up with a reason - it doesn't have to be a good one - you have no defense.

The depopulation agenda is now running, the de-education programs are and have been running, your rights are now privileges that can be revoked on a whim, and the militarized police and returned military are and have been training to "put down social unrest." In the country that WE are putatively in charge of. They don't like slave rebellions, large or small.


Khat Bliss
Past Member 6 years ago

I hope the family does prevail in this case as well.

Danny Haszard
Danny Haszard6 years ago

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Madi Von
Madi Von6 years ago

I don't believe in taking pills unnecessarily, but they can save lives as well as destroy them. Nature doesn't always provide the "cure" unfortunately and it does kills us in the end don't forget.

G A Rieck
G A R6 years ago

this should not have happened, but the mom pulled a gun and a SWAT team stand off happened. CPS doesn't take a child for one report from a 3rd entity. there has to be more to the story. btw, I am very against medicating children... having once been an over medicated child.