Movers And Sheriff’s Deputies Refuse Bank’s Order To Evict 103-Year-Old Atlanta Woman


Written by Zaid Jilani, ThinkProgress

Yesterday, a Deutsche Bank branch in Atlanta had requested the eviction of Vita Lee, a 103-year-old Atlanta woman, and her 83-year-old daughter. Both were terrified of being removed from their home of 53 years and had no idea where they’d go next.

But when the movers hired by the bank and police were dispatched to evict the two women, they had a change of heart. In a huge victory for the 99 Percent, the movers “took one look at” Lee and decided not to go through with it.

The stress of the possible eviction made Lee’s daughter ill; she was rushed to the hospital the same day. Lee had one message for Deutsche Bank: “Please don’t come in and disturb me no more. When I’m gone you all can come back and do whatever they want to.”

This post was originally published by ThinkProgress.

Take Action: Tell Deutsche Bank to let the Lees keep their house!


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Photo from Steve Rhodes via flickr


Jody B.
Jody B5 years ago

Ok, petition is closed. But I would've signed :)

Jody B.
Jody B5 years ago

I'm glad she has been able to stay. So far. Petition signed.

Sheri P.
Sheri P7 years ago

glad they got to stay in their home after all...

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal7 years ago

For the movers and the police who decided not to follow orders to evict this woman from her hoome.....thank you for demonstrating the compassionate side of human nature.

HL Chris C.
H.L. Chris C7 years ago

Would anyone like to guess how much this bank spend to get good PR and then they pull a stunt like this and waste all of that money, Stupidity. I'd fire the person who signed those foreclosure papers.

Bruce S.
Bruce S7 years ago

Now what are those low life banks going to do?

Vernon C.
.7 years ago

Benny R

That is what Power of Attorney allows. Some people when they get old or if they are ill, gives power of attorney to a trusted person so that person can change checks & do business on their behalf. Most of the time there is no problem but sometimes the person who has power of attorney may turn out to be a jerk.

Now there is nothing wrong with the grandson using the old people house to get a loan. I am sure that many of you have acted as guarantors to friends & family members who seek financial assistance from some institutions. Being a guarantor means that if the person who gets the loan fail to meet their obligation then you have to meet it for them. You must pay off the loan for them.

So as I said there is nothing wrong with using a relative's property as a guarantee for a loan, but conscience & ethics as well as the law should dictate that the relative agree & know what is going on...& of course you should be repay your own debt.

Claudia O.
Claudia O7 years ago

I am glad the movers and police did not disturb these elderly women, but want to see this happening everywhere and not just with the elderly. Evicting people from their homes is heartless and most times the result of bad record-keeping. There are too many empty homes and too many homeless people in this country already.

Patsi Hoffstaetter
Patricia rommers7 years ago

Thumbs up for the Sheriff & the movers for not evicting those two elderly women. Banks are heartless, soulless, money grabbing, must make a profit and to hell with people. Banks have no compassion at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom P.
Tom Pearce7 years ago

At least these movers and deputies have some compassion! COMPASSION is absent from a lot of the posts here. I guess if it was happening to them, it might be different! How would it feel to be the old woman in this article!