Muslim Woman Brutally Beheaded

In the well-off quiet Buffalo suburb of Orchard Park, NY a woman was brutally decapitated at the young age of 37.

Her crime? Serving her abusive husband with divorce papers.

Justice? For this wife and mother of two – not likely.

Aasiya Hassan, the Muslim woman in question, was no stranger to her husband’s violent streaks. After multiple episodes of domestic violence, she filed for divorce in early February to escape her husband, Muzzammil Hassan’s, heavy hand. She also obtained an order of protection that barred him from their home, but still she was not safe.

On February 12, 2009, Hassan, 44, brutally beheaded his wife and then went to the Orchard Park Police station to report her death. Police found her at lying in the hallway of the offices of his TV studio – her head near the rest of her body.

Hassan now sits in jail facing second-degree murder charges. If convicted he faces up to life in prison – but he gets to keep his head.

Although vicious and unjust, reporting of this crime has been slow and lax by the media. It wasn’t until five days after the incident that the Associated Press or CNN released any stories of this should-of-been news breaking crime.

Their coverage, however, is disappointing and down right infuriating. The AP story, for example, opens with the irony of the crime – the fact that the man who beheaded his wife is also the founder of Bridges TV, the TV station he created to challenge and counter Muslim stereotypes. Fox News also reported on the crime, eventually, but focused on whether Aasiya’s death was considered an honor killing or not.

What about outrage at the beheading of an innocent woman (or anyone for that matter) in this day and age? How about a little bit of anger at the repeated abuse of this innocent woman and the police’s inability to protect her time and time again? Honor killing or domestic violence and all irony aside it all boils down to one thing – murder.    

If I hadn’t stopped by one of my favorite blogs, I might have missed the news altogether myself. Luckily, the blogosphere exploded with the news and outrage at the story and lack of coverage.

NOW also released a statement on the crime, calling the media out for its silence and expressing outrage for Aasiya’s untimely and horrific death.

“NOW New York State is horrified that Erie County DA, Frank A. SeditaII, has referred to this ghastly crime as ‘the worst form of domestic violence possible.’ The ridiculous juxtaposition of ‘domestic’ and ‘beheading’ in the same journalistic breath points up the inherent weakness of the whole ‘domestic violence’ lexicon.

What is ‘domestic’ about this violence? NOW NYS President Marcia Pappas says ‘it is high time we stop regarding assaults and murders as a lover’s quarrels gone bad. We further demand of lawmakers that punishments fit crimes. We of NOW decry the selective enforcement of assault laws and call for judicial enforcement of our mandatory arrest policy, even when the axe-wielder is known by his victim.”

I couldn’t of said it better myself.

To ensure that justice is served please sign the Care2 petition calling for Mr. Hassan to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

Photo by Tinou Bao used under a Creative Commons license.


Lesa D
Lesa D2 months ago


Lesa D
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Lesa D
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Tom W.
Tom W7 years ago

Amazed at all these brainless Muslims who don't understand their own satanic bible teachings.
Qur'an (2:223) which teaches -
"Men have dominion over all his wives bodies" as he does his lands. Women are half the value of a man." They are just tilth.
Reason many women are terribly abused and even mutilated.

Charles Webb
Charles Webb7 years ago

This is a huge wake-up call for all countries. This is coming to you. Call it another coincidence, and another and another and another, or look at it for what it is.

Sandra W.
Sandy Weston7 years ago

She went out a strong hero!!! Yes!!! She divorced his abusive behind!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!! Not matter what the cost she stood up to him!! He can kill her, but her bravery and spirit lives on!!! She is smiling now where she's at!! He can not abuse her anymore!!! So she is the winner and he is such a looser!! He needs to stay in jail forever!!!

Thomas L Robinson

Domestic assault is a separate issue from race, religion and culture. Murder is murder.
Religious and racial intolerance seems to be on the rise in many 'Western Countries'. This is regrettable and and will only serve to increase tensions between countries, religions and cultures.
Women are overwhelming the target of domestic assault compared to men. They will be better served when we keep our focus on them and their need for protection.
Don't use domestic assault as a means of inflaming racial tensions.

Mari B.
Mari Bickmore7 years ago

Where are all the women's activists groups? This is worse than anything they've ever yelled about, yet they seem to remain silent. I, for one, wish every Muslim would leave freedom-loving countries and take Sharia with them. They are a plague, worse than a pestilence. Everywhere I travel they are a scourge on the land. Our tolerance must end with Islam.

Judie C.
Judie C.7 years ago

Wake up America. This is NOT a religion of peace like they are trying to trick you into believing. This is a brutal, cult that is out to take over the USA! I promise you. This MUST be stopped in its tracks. NOW how does that muslim mosque at Ground Zero look? These mosques, for the most part, teach to HATE Americans. Gulen, who is behind the mosque, is a leader of hate towards America!!! Stop the Islamic takeover!!!

TL Winslow
TL Winslow8 years ago

You can take a Muslim out of the Medieval Ages, but?

Yet another reason for Westerners to catch up with their study of the hairy headlopping history of Islam, which is lapping at their shores and pushing the "religion of peace" b.s. to history ignoramuses to get by. Visit my History of Islam for History Ignoramuses site and learn from the Historyscoper. Skip some TV shows and learn something: