Mutilated Cat Calls for Help, Gets a Second Chance at Life and Love

Written by Alejandra Vasquez Delama, Animal Rescue Volunteer in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

Late one night, I was going back home after a long day in the office and just passing by the parking lot of the building where I live. I heard a cat meowing from under a parked car. I called the kitty and she came out from under the car and was super friendly. However, I noticed something strange on her neck even though I could not see very clearly. I took her to the lobby of the building (with plenty of light) and I was absolutely shocked to see that the cat’s neck was completely skinned, showing a big open wound all around the neck.

Incredible recovery

I immediately took the kitty to the hospital “Dog & Cat” (one of the few vet hospitals that are open 24 hours in the city).  The doctor had to shave the fur around the neck of the cat and revealed a terrible 360 degrees open wound where you could see all the kitty’s flesh. The doctor cleaned the wound several times with different medical products and then put a bandage around her neck. The vet told me that I caught the cat just in time to be saved, and he gave her antibiotic injections.

She spent the night in that hospital and the following day I took her to Petshome Veterinary Hospital (Jing An) where she was examined (that day her weight was only 2 kg. 400 grams, or about 5.3 pounds). She was boarded to receive more medical care on her wound. Just a few days later, she had an operation on her neck to close the wound and help her to heal faster.

Look how well she has healed.

As you can see in her pictures, she is much better now after the operation and her wound has healed nicely. She already got her first and second vaccinations, her weight now is a little bit over 4 kg (almost 9 pounds) and, when the time comes, I will have her spayed.

I named her “Remiau” because she reminded me of the first cat that I had when I was a small child back in Santiago, Chile. She is about a year old and a lovely and a very friendly cat. She purrs when I touch her chin and stroke her back. Currently she is under foster care with a cat loving family in Pudong district. My mission now is to find an excellent adoptive family for lovely Remiau. She deserves to be happy and safe! More photos here



natasha p
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ty for saving the kittie! u are a hero!!!!!!!

natasha p
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thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

great ending, thanks for sharing :)

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe4 years ago

Thank you, Alejandra for helping little Remiau! She sounds like a sweetie. I sure hope she finds her forever home where she will be loved and protected from now on!

Martina J.
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What a brave kitty!

Teresa Wlosowicz
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a happy ending

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How can anybody do something like this?? So glad you found her and saved her. She's beautiful.

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Glad there was a happy ending!