Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner Send Money To Oregon Election (Video)

Oregon’s special election for the 1st District seat happens next Tuesday, January 31. At least, that’s the date on which all ballots must be received in this mail-in election featuring Democrat Suzanne Bonamici and Republican Rob Cornilles.

You may recall that the election is to replace Representative David Wu, an Oregon Democrat facing an ethics investigation for allegedly having an unwanted sexual encounter with a young woman, who resigned last July.

Care2′s Robin Marty has done a great job watching the developments in this election, bringing us up to speed four weeks ago, and more recently analyzing how this has become an election about job creation.

A Very Close Race

And the race is very close. Last week, Republicans released a poll showing that Cornilles was polling within 5 points of Bonamici in this Democratic-leaning district.

In response, House members from both parties are pouring cash into this election.

Democrat Suzanne Bonamici, the front-runner in the race, raked in checks from 30 House Democrats totaling $91,500, according to her most recent report, which details all donations made from Oct. 20 to Jan. 11.

Republican Rob Cornilles took in checks from 18 House Republicans totaling $40,500 during the same period. Clearly, many are viewing this election as a foreshadow of what may happen in November.

Money Pouring In For Both Candidates

From Politico:

Bonamici raised funds from top House Democrats including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who sent the Oregon state senator a total of $10,000, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, who contributed $4,000, and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel, who cut a $5,000 check. Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz sent $6,000.

Rank-and-filers also chipped in. Bonamici received $1,000 contributions from a slate of members, including Wisconsin Rep. Ron Kind, Colorado Rep. Jared Polis and California Rep. Jackie Speier.

Cornilles received $7,000 from House Speaker John Boehner and $5,000 apiece from House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and House GOP Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling. National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions sent $7,000. Cornilles also received the support from other members, including $1,000 checks from Indiana Rep. Larry Bucshon, Minnesota Rep. John Kline and Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise.

Bonamici Has Outraised Cornilles

Overall, Bonamici has outraised Cornilles, $1.4 million to $1 million, according to the contribution reports. Bonamici has also contributed more than $200,000 of her own money to her campaign.

Check out the latest video from Cornilles, in which he attempts to tie Suzanne Bonamici to David Wu, the scandal-tainted congressman.

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Cal S.
cal shummon6 years ago

what the Duck!

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

I find it interesting, and sad, that almost every article on a political race is mostly about the money! Not where candidates stand on issues or what their voting history is, or what bills they have supported - but how much money they collected.
Ain't that America.

Joan S.
Joan S6 years ago

I used to live in that district and tired to the dang commercials. Tired of politics altogether mud slinging and all. I'm all for her and think he looks creepy. Although I tend to think many of the Republicans do as well. Although a lot of politics are creepy

William Eagle
Bill Eagle6 years ago

BTW... All of the Mayors endorsing Cornillis (including the ersatz demo in Clatskanie) are right wingers.

William Eagle
Bill Eagle6 years ago

This is in my district where I live. I have met both candidates, and Susan Bonamaci is by far the stronger of the two. She also has much more to offer America and the people in her district.