NARAL: 90 Seconds from the War on Women in the States

Who says there’s not a war on women?

NARAL’s latest video, “Of Spare Tires and Heroin: 90 Seconds from the War on Women in the States,” would certainly argue that a war against women is raging with anti-choice politicians on the front lines.

Check out the video below.

NARAL’s video points out the ridiculous amount of disrespect anti-choice politicians have shown for a woman’s right to choose this year.

Rep Eric Turner (Indiana): “Someone who is desirous of an abortion could simply say that they’d been raped or there’s incest.”

Rep. John LaBruzzo (Louisiana): Compares abortion to smoking pot and doing heroine.

Rep. Pete DeGraaf (Kansas): Argues women should plan for rape and unplanned pregnancy because he carries a spare tire in his car and has life insurance.

As the video points out, NARAL is tracking 470 anti-choice bills this year – nearly 3 times as many as last year. These attacks on women’s reproductive rights are real. Coupled with these disrespectful and ignorant comments, how could anyone argue that we are not in the midst of a war on women?

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Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

I thought that Roe vs. Wade was still in place as a pro-choice federal legislation. So why are individual states allowed to ban the rights?

Granted, I don't think abortion should be a form of birth control. But, if I've been victimized somehow, I shouldn't have to go to court to prove my innocence before I get to have one. Even if I had to for other reasons, why is it any one else's business?

Anyway, I'm wondering why the religious men think it's okay for them to buy whores and rape the youth of their church, but a woman can't have an abortion... Should these same people go through vasectomies because of it?

Grace Adams
Grace Adams6 years ago

It seems the religious right refuses to even put its money where its mouth is and provide for the children it forces women to have. Also, sometimes an induced abortion really is necessary to save a woman's life--ectopic pregnancy and extreme nausea being the two biggest hazards. If the religious right would recognize the occasional need for an induced abortion to save a woman's life, pay for health care needed to get mother and child safely through pregnancy where abortion is not needed to save the woman's life, provide adoption services for babies not wanted by their mothers, and provide enough subsidy to make the child affordable for mothers who do want to keep the child, then maybe I could live with them. They also need to deal with STDs.

Lilithe Magdalene

Rant over. So there. LOL!!

Lilithe Magdalene

This is about some anti sex, anti women bs that feels like women should be punished for having sex, and getting pregnant. "You bad girl". Hey - where is the focus on fathers in all this? If these fetuses are so important, then why are the same f....wads cutting funding for schools and other social programs that help mothers and families? "You got pregnant and you're on your own. Sorry if we can't help you raise yourself to a different life from there, but you shouldn't have gotten knocked up in the first place. But that baby is important, so don;t you forget it! Besides, if he's a boy we'll need him later for a war" Ugh... the whole thing makes me sick.

This is not anti male - this is against STUPID, RELIGIOUS RIGHT, CONTROLLING PATRONIZING, UNCOMPASSIONATE men - who tend to be running things and trying to run my uterus. This is not about sanitizing females, but about what our rights are over our own bodies, and little teeny tiny balls of cells that emerge from us that are different merely from the reality that one of your guyses little polywogs added some genetic juice to the mix.

Am I extremist? Only when pushed.

And if abortion is so abhorrent, then why cut funding and institute laws that help eliminate birth control? It is so bass ackwards it isn't even funny.

Lilithe Magdalene

Mick said it all to Will for me. There is a cadre of men who feel like victims of feminists, and in some cases, there may be some truth to some men's experience, but overall Will, this is a man's world, and you have no idea how much it is - because you take it for granted, then get whiny because some women are really f^4kin' pissed about thousands of years of patriarchal bs. Doesn't make extremism right, but it also does not change the fact of things as they are, and that in general, women are not respected for their own agency in reproduction.

This goes hand in hand with the time land ownership became a reality, and a farmer needed to know who his children were in order to know who to pass it down to. Women suddenly needed controlling, whereas before, THEY decided who to reproduce with, and THEY decided on whether or not to carry to term. There was a time when men did not have a say - and that is as it should be. Or at least a better balance. But these people are trying to dominate what happens because I had sex without a condom, and got pregnant. WHO ARE THEY TO DECIDE?!?! That is why it is a war on women. The war on women started a LONG time ago when women became nothing but vessels for a man's seed. We are still in those dark ages.

These guys are not simply against abortion - they are against the happiness and well being of women "have that baby even if you were raped", "you're a slutty liar anyway, so you should be forced to carry it to term and raise it." This

alex l.
alex l6 years ago

will w - when you stop being too good to scrub your own crap out of the toilet, maybe you can make a comment on women and their position in society.
until men are willing to do their own work in the home, they show they feel superior to women. as to sanitizing women - seeing women as equal upsets someone like you, doesn't it?

Deborah H.
Deborah H6 years ago

I want to know when and how a law was passed in this Country, that made Women AND THEIR RIGHT TO CHOOSE, a crime and a sin against nature?? When did MEN get to decide what is and is not right for a Woman above the age of consent, to decide that we, as Voting Citizens of this Country, do not have the right to decide for OURSELVES what is in OUR OWN BEST INTEREST, when it comes to the decision to have, or not to have, a child in this Nation? Why are there ads EVERYWHERE on our HOME TELEVISIONS advertising the RIGHT for men to be allowed to have available to them, a "magic" pill, which allows them to "BE READY" at a moments notice to INFECT a woman with their sperm, for the purpose of creating more unwanted and unaffordable children for Women to have to deal with the decisions to raise, educate, and chase after for 21 yrs. the "MALES" who decided to create these children? But yet, as Women who will have to do the Mothering, as well as the educating, the dicipline and the explaining to these children why they were brought into a world where they were created, because it was possible, but, at the same time, no one, especially the so called Government of this Country who has decided for themselves that it is the WOMANS responsibility to take on all the other responsibilities of these children, except the RIGHT TO DECIDE THAT THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE THE ONES LEFT TO MAKE THESE DECISIONS NOR EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED TO THE "DADDIES" WHO DON'T WANT TO HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF SPEND

Mick R.
Mick R6 years ago

Will W - Yeah, women have really abused us men. I can barely hold my head up out there in that woman dominated world.

Mick R.
Mick R6 years ago

Will W - It is not all about abortion. If you belive that then you are not paying attention. It is about a woman's right to educate herself about all the choices she should have in her health care. There is a massive attack on Planned Parenthood, where well over 90% of their services are for reproductive health, family planning, disease prevention, etc. The 'right' is attempting to deny all these things to women and that IS a war on women and their rights.

Tom M.
Tom M.6 years ago

Tamara H. must be a Stepford wife.