National Give Day

Imagine it. One day a year when people focus on giving. One day  when people across the United States can join together to make a difference. One day, where every person, regardless of age or income level, can collectively have a huge impact. Whether people give money, time, resources, or random acts of kindness, it all helps.

This is GiveForward’s goal for National Give Day. is a website that provides free personal fundraising pages so they can collect donations from friends and family all across the country towards their own great cause. For the next 10 months, we will be collecting signatures online and in person to try to get the Mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley, to announce May 4th, 2010 as National Give Day. Please sign our petition.

If “Awkward Moments Day” and “Laugh-And-Get-Rich Day” can make it on the country’s list of National Holidays, why not National Give Day? We hope that National Give Day will inspire people to give back to their communities and engage with schools, companies and non-profits. National Give Day’s purpose is to think of those less fortunate and to make a concerted effort to better our communities.

In the words of Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.” So there’s no better time than now to start giving. With this petition, National Give Day could become the official recognized day of goodwill.

Ryan Kuonen,


Pam Rhia S.
.9 years ago

What a wonderful concept, and definitely happen. I also feel in our hearts we should make each day a "give to" day, whether it be a hand shake, a hand up, encouragement, understanding, or something tangible if so. But this is one way to open others eyes to how they can help others, and feel wonderful in doing so.

Pam H.
Pamela H9 years ago

National Day of Giving sounds better than National Give Day. What do others think? Great concept though! I'll participate.

Maryann C.
Maryann C.9 years ago

This is a great idea! It makes a person feel good to help someone else. People should do it everyday, but it would be a start to do it one day and then maybe people would help someone more than just one day.

Carol H.
Past Member 9 years ago

I have given a lot of my life so I don't believe in just one day because when you truley enjoy giving you do it everyday of your life!!!

Patricia S.
Patricia S9 years ago

It is a wonderful idea. Some times it takes a holiday to put people in the right mood to think beyond themselves. It is a very good start.

Diane L.
Diane L9 years ago

I'm all for it, it makes one feel good to give of themselves and it helps others to feel good to know they are not forgotten. This would be an amazing Holiday and would boost moral. It would touch so many lives. A great idea!

Pat Prest
Pat Prest9 years ago

I think that would be a GREAT idea!
Everyone that has participated knows how good it feels to do so, and it would help the less fortunate as well.....
How good would that be?

Therese Davey
Therese Davey9 years ago

This is a brilliant idea and so simple and achievable by everyone regardless of their circumstances. The European Union countries are planning a year of volunteering in 2011 a national day would be a great start and an introduction to people who would never consider something like this. It is also not all about money, time is also a very precious commodity and we are all gone mad chasing our tails and rushing about. My mum always said if we give it will come back to us and that has been proven so many times in my own life. We all could volunteer some time to a local charity. We could give an hour to visit an elderly neighbour, local hospital or retirement home where the residents always appreciate a visit to interrupt the tedium of loneliness some endure. One hour a week is not a lot to give neither is a couple of dollars a month in a standing order payment to a charity like Concern Worldwide, our small sacrifice could make a big difference to someone else. Live simply so others can simply live.