Naval Man Leaps Out in Rush Hour Traffic to Save Feline Wildfire Victim

Written byKelly Solomonof California

It always seems that there is a wildfire going onsomewhere inCaliforniaat any given time and there are always animals, as well as people, in harm’s way. This rescue story takes place at a time when parts ofSan Diego were ablaze and had been for days, making life extremely hard for everything. We lived in Temecula at the time, however, my husband Stacy was stationed at Point Loma Naval Baseand I worked in downtownSan Diego, so we traveled up and downHighway 15 every day.

I am usually the one who brings home hurt or abandoned critters to fix up and Stacy will shake his head and put up with whatever it was that I had bring home. But this time it was his turn.

He was traveling home on Highway 15 during 5 o’clock traffic and anybody who lives around this area knows this in not a nice highway for people, much less a panic-stricken animal. The traffic was horrible that day due to smoke from the fires and it was a Friday afternoon. This particular stretch of the highway hasfive lanes on each side, separated by a concrete barrier wall. Amidst all that, Stacy noticed something slightly moving next to the separating wall, so he slowed down. That’s when herealized thatit was a gray cat hunkered down and scared to death.

He Was Afraid The Cat Would Dart Into Traffic

Stacy pulled over onto the little shoulder next to the wall and was fearful that the cat would dart into the traffic, but thankfully he stayed put. As Stacy got out of his car, several people started honking at him and he was scared that the noises would frighten the little guy even more, so my husband grabbed the cat and put him in the car. This is when he called me at work and asked “What do I do with him?”

Of course, I was ever so proud that he had stopped to help and instantly worried as to what we would do with him. We have four dogs and two cats already and our cats are not very friendly towards others. I told Stacy to take the cat to the vet to make sure he was okay. Once he got him to the vet, we found out that the poor thing was actually awhite cat, not grey, and that is had just been covered in soot from the fires. All four of the cat’s paws and his back legs were badly burned and he needed help desperately.

His Split Second Bravery Changed This Cat’s Life Forever

We had our vet fix him up and I got on my critter hotline. To my delight, one of my co-workers took him in as her furry baby and the cat is now living large with his new family thanks to both my husband’s quick decision making and to my co-worker’s big heart.

Want More Joy?

Amidst all the bad news we read each day, it’s wonderful to hear from everyday heroes like Stacy who are bringing joy to this world. The Great Animal Rescue Chase is proud to present this uplifting daily series and today we’re offering a double feature. Take a moment to raise your spirits with this special bonus rescue, includinglovely photos , of a Chickadee saved in the road by a Canadian couple.


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Kamia T.
Kamia T3 years ago

Heros for sure, because the vet bill must have been a whopper. Glad that he wasn't hit, no one else had an accident and the story had a happy ending.

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great story! Thank you

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Thank goodness

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More lucky ones, please

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Good story.

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Great rescue under dangerous circumstances. Thank you.

Patricia Welch
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Animal rescuer Kelly and her hero husband Stacy are the best
TY Stacy for risking yourself to save this poor kitty. Hero for sure!

Erin H.
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Interesting article, thank you!