NDP Strikes Back With New Ad Against Harper

After using one campaign to introduce new leader Tom Mulcair to Canadians, the NDP has launched another ad to fight back against Conservative attacks.

The original campaign, with Jack Layton’s widow Olivia Chow saying “Jack’s vision is in good hands,” was meant to assure Canadians that the NDP is continuing on the track Layton started for the party. Layton led the party to a historic 103 seats and Official Opposition status in the May 2011 election before dying of cancer in August 2011.

After Mulcair won the campaign to replace Layton, the party quickly put out these ads before the Conservative Party could release any attacks. This was a lesson learned from Conservative attacks on Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff two Liberal leaders who were never able to define themselves after the Tories defined them first.

It took three months for Stephen Harper’s party to release any ads about Mulcair, because they first decided to attack Bob Rae, the interim Liberal leader. In June 2012 they released the long-awaited attack, questioning Mulcair’s economic sense and ends with the tag line “We can’t afford Mulcair’s NDP.”

Now, the NDP is fighting back with their own ads about Stephen Harper and his policies. The ad resembles those the party released during the 2011 election campaign, without a leader coming out at the end with a more positive message. It blames Stephen Harper’s policies for the current deficit and tells the audience that he’s attacking their Employment Insurance and their pensions (which, of course, he is). Stephen Harper’s solution, the ad notes, is attacking Canada’s most vulnerable.

The ads are a good way to get Canadians’ attention about what’s going on in Ottawa while the House of Commons is on summer break and to reach supporters and remind them that the fight is still on. The ads from both parties will probably not be the last we see before the House sits again in September.

This all comes with three more years until the next election campaign.

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Photo Credit: World Economic Forum


Jane Warren
Jane Warren5 years ago

thnx for this - it's good to see the bully being opposed.

Delaine Buksa
Delaine Buksa5 years ago

NDP is my second choice. After the Green party of course. ;)

Marilyn M.

While the issues are serious this attaching opposing parties is very childish. The attach on NDP by the conservatives when unfortunately no election is in sight yet, was totally ridiculous and quite shocking. This Harper government does not have a leg to stand on as far as ethics go or anything else for that matter; they are out to ruin Canada with the non related Budget/Bill C38 cuts and slashes to the environment, education, culture, seniors, free speech, First Nations and anything else he can lay his nasty hands on. What an embarrassment to be Canadian and for Canada in the eyes of the world!

Toby L.
Past Member 5 years ago

ya don't hold your breath, 3 more years with harper :( I imagine we'll be balls deep in another war by that point

Then when the country's bankrupt and ruined they'll hand it off to the left while they play with all the money they stole

Sound familiar America??

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V5 years ago


Shan D.
Shan D5 years ago

"I don't know enough of Justin Trudeau to be sure if he's ready or able to take some form of leadership." - Linda M. -

Justin has stated that he will not run for the leadership while he has young children. He remembers growing up when his own father was Liberal leader and Prime Minister, and it wasn't much of a family life. He doesn't want to put his own kids through that.

Michael O.
Michael O5 years ago

I'm sick and tired of decent, intelligent men like Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff being torn down by Conservative nastiness. Let's call it what it is - bullying, plain and simple. We don't tolerate it in our schools and we should not tolerate it in our politics.

Good for the NDP for not taking this garbage lying down. The best way to prevent bullying is to confront the bully and stand up to him. Don't let Harper continue to get away with this bullsh*t...

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago


june t.
reft h5 years ago

I'm really annoyed by the constant anti-Mulcair ads - I hope the money for these ads isn't coming out of our tax money. It must cost a fortune to air them as often as they do.
And Juliet D - Canadians are not pushing for Keystone Pipeline - it's been thrust upon us. It's not like people get to vote yay or nay regarding pipelines.

Juliet Defarge
judith sanders5 years ago

Hey, Canadians - please stop pushing for the Keystone Pipeline. Climate change is going to mean a whole lot of Americans headed your way to get away from the heat. Pay attention, you'll see some of your prices go up shortly because the record heat has ruined a lot of our Midwestern corn crop. Generate your own energy from wind and solar, and sell high-tech products, not filth.