Need Food? Michigan Says Sell Your Car


Do you have a car? Do you have money in the bank? Then you may already be disqualified for food stamps in the State of Michigan. Ed Brayton at the The Michigan Messenger reports that, “Beginning next month, many Michigan residents now receiving food stamps will likely lose their benefits as the state begins to look at assets as well as income in determining eligibility.”

While this may appear to be a common sense way to deal with the mythical “Cadillac driving welfare queens,” the real effect of this will be to make it harder for the temporarily unemployed and the newly poor to ever get back on their feet.

Now, in order to qualify for government assistance in Michigan, the unemployed will have to first sell off assets (likely at a fraction of their value) and drain their savings before receiving any assistance from the State. Additionally, if they do land new employment, they will not only need to rebuild their savings and rebuy their assets, but they will be discouraged from doing so by the threat of taking away their benefits. This puts them at an even greater risk of poverty again if they lose their jobs in the future.

Thus the bar of entry or reentry to the middle class is raised a little more out of reach and the cycle of poverty is reinforced. But at least they won’t be quite as hungry while they wait for the bus to commute three hours for a job interview.


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Michael C.
Michael C6 years ago

Michigans actions are a sign of how fast America is slipping into the abyss, they will only give you food stamps, if you can prove that you live under the freeway overpass. What if you were living out of that car.

More taxes, less services, less hope, no future, Wake up Obummer, your advisors suck!

Christine Stewart
Christine S6 years ago

You can't get to the store to buy food or get to your job without a car in many cities! Bus routes are being cut back all the time, so you can't rely on public transpo. And if you have kids, even if there is bus service, you can't be spending 2 hours on a bus trying to get to and from work, because your day care isn't going to tolerate your long hours.

Tracey D.
Tracey D6 years ago

I'd like to see those making these ludicrous mandates try to live under them. Bet they wouldn't last more than a day tops.

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

Those ass-holes will do anything to keep people from having jobs.

Mercedez M.
robyn m6 years ago

so so so sad!!

Barbara S.

Just remember, if you're an employed Republican now... and you continue to vote vote Republican... there won't be anyone in your Party to reach out a helping hand if your job goes away, you get sick, one of your kids suffers from a long-term accident recovery or illness, or a tornado/flood/fire/earthquake devastates your home. Insurance covers a lot, if you can afford it, but when you are on unemployment, all insurance premiums are the first "non-essential payments" to go... Of course, if you're a Republican and very wealthy, this won't matter to you... You'll just tap into those offshore accounts, and move to one of your other addresses.

janet T.
janet t6 years ago

If they force you to sell your car, you may never be able to get another job. No way to get to work, or even an interview. What is the matter with these people?

scarlett g.
.6 years ago


Lin Moy
Lin M6 years ago

No one who has pleanty really thinks of the poor. To sell a car is not fair. You may need to take kids to school or drs. Busses do not ride you close to much you need. A buss schedual never runs on your time.

Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer6 years ago

The Kiplinger Letter, Vol.88, No.33 for August 19, 2011, a business newsletter, stated that:

* * *
“U.S. multinationals are plowing more profits back into foreign markets, taking advantage of stronger economic growth overseas and saving on U.S. taxes. GE, for example, reinvested $94 billion abroad in 2010 double its 2006 figure. Chip maker Intel poured nearly $12 billion into foreign investments last year... up from just under 5 billion in 2006. All told about 25 % of S&P 500 firms’ profits won’t be repatriated this year. Health care and tech firms tend to reinvest much more.
Total foreign direct investment will hit the prerecession level later this year.
And for China...another record. It’ll nab $106 billion in foreign investment.”
* * *
This is why we are providing tax breaks to the wealthy and to corporations so that it can fund the export of more U.S. jobs. That is the Republican plan and the efforts of the “job creators” they speak of. This means that tax breaks to the wealthy and to corporations will result in more job losses then are actually created. The Republicans are “job killer” legislators in disguise.