Nevada Trans Protections Bills Advance

Two bills designed to offer transgender citizens in Nevada greater protection from discrimination in housing and public accommodations were approved this week, both in a 29-13 vote with all 26 Democrats and three Republicans voting in favor.

There also appears to be good news for another trans protections bill awaiting Governor Brian Sandoval’s signature, with rumors being that the governor will sign it into law.

From Las-Vegas Review Journal

The Assembly passed Senate Bill 331, which would prohibit places of public accommodations, such as hotels, restaurants and bars, from discriminating against transgender people.

The other bill, Senate Bill 368, would outlaw discrimination against [transgender people] in the rental or purchase of housing.


Assemblyman Paul Aizley, D-Las Vegas, who has sponsored or co-sponsored these two measures and another bill that would prohibit job discrimination against transgender people, said he was told Sandoval will approve the bills.

As of Monday afternoon, Assembly Bill 211, the job discrimination bill, had not been signed or vetoed. But a source said Sandoval plans to sign AB211 today . As a policy, the governor’s staff does not state whether bills will be signed or vetoed until they reach the governor’s desk.

All the above add a stipulation that a person cannot be discriminated against on the basis of their perceived or actual gender identity which is defined by the individual regardless of their birth-assigned sex.

Currently, no federal law banning employment discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation exists.

A federal trans-inclusive Employment Non Discrimination Act currently sits in Congress. It is not expected to gain traction this year given the hostile GOP majority in the House, however the legislation’s key sponsors including Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass) have said they will use this opportunity to build support among Republican colleagues.

In the short-term, advocates have pressed President Obama to issue an executive order for LGBT workplace protections which would be a non-permanent and limited measure until ENDA can be moved in Congress. You can read more on the possibility of an executive order here.

For more on ENDA, please click here.

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A good start. I hope it continues.

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This is good. l live in Nevada and support LGBT.

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Thank you to everyone who voted for these bills, including the Republicans who had the decency to vote for what the people want, non-discrimination in America.