New Ad Claims: No Health Insurance, You’ll Get Jail Time

The fear-mongering around health insurance reform has reached a fever pitch as we head into the last days before the 2010 election.  Now yet another Republican PAC has come out with an attack ad using falsehoods about healthcare reform to scare voters away from a Democratic candidate, in this case claiming that if you don’t get health insurance, the Democrats will put you in jail.

Via the Plum Line:

Check out this spot slamming Dem Rep Chris Murphy of Connecticut — who’s being challenged in a tough district by Republican Sam Caligiuri — with the claim that health reform means “jail time for anyone without coverage.”

The spot, which was sent in by an operative involved in the race, is the handiwork of American Action Network, another shadowy conservative group that has already spent $5 million this cycle.

The ad claims health reform means “$500 billion in Medicare cuts.” But Politifact found that “the law does not take $500 billion out of the current Medicare budget.”

The ad claims health reform means “thousands of new IRS agents.” But pronounced that assertion “wildly misleading.”

As for the claim of “jail time for anyone without coverage,” the original bill passed by the House did provide for possible criminal prosecution of those who evade the tax imposed on those who don’t get mandated coverage. But says the Senate nixed that provision, and the final bill Obama signed said folks will not be subject to criminal prosecution.

All of which is to say — again — that the untold side of this story is that all this cash is funding a massive national campaign riddled with falsehoods and distortions.

American Action Network has a host of high profile backers, most notably former Senator Norm Coleman, who lost his Minnesota senate seat to Al Franken in the 2008 election after a tight race and recount.

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c m.
c m7 years ago

well i heard something about "everyone HAS to have healthcare" so i found one on tv, it mentioned the ad with obama telling everyone that they need healthcare, blah blah blah-- i got it-- and got SCAMMED-- sounded good, sounded legit, was not! im still trying to get my money back along with all the others...btw, its healthcareone and they have a few others affiliated with them too so if you do decide to get some be careful! and if they decide that you go to jail if you dont have it, well save me a cell bc i have no money to get any and i dont qualify for anything else so at least ill get a roof over my head and three square meals a day and im sure if i get sick they have a doctor on call there so im set!

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

It sounds as if the republicans are up to scare tactics. I'll have to look into it myself to get the truth.

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

What! come on now. Thanx for post

Edward M.
Edward M7 years ago

Well, these politicians would have no worries about any such law, as with this hypothetical example, as they are extremely well protected, insurance-wise and finance-wise.

Mary B.
Mary B7 years ago

Great post, Bill C. Sounds about right...

Heather G.
Heather G7 years ago

hey anne, how about a health-care policy that's reasonable and affordable with assurances that if you need something more that you'll be able to get it when you need it??

Anne C.
Anne C.7 years ago

It's amazing what people can do. Unfortunately it's easier to get people scared than to convince them of something good. But how can people be driven to get a health care policy if they're not going to be prosecuted?

Anne C
NY Health Insurer

Reade H.
Reade H7 years ago

Very weird situation you're having.

Hartson D.
Hartson Doak7 years ago

Thanks Bill for that list of trustworthy politicians.

Hartson D.
Hartson Doak7 years ago

While in jail do you get to see a doctor on the state's tab?