New Breast Self-Exam App Features Hot Shirtless Guys

Do you have trouble remembering when to check your breasts? Perhaps a friendly reminder from a hot shirtless guy would help.

Your Man Reminder, a free app designed for heterosexual women under 40, features a selection of strapping young men ready to pop up on your iPhone or Android device whenever it’s time to perform a self-exam. The app was developed by Rethink Breast Cancer, a nonprofit health group based in Canada.

“The app includes a special ‘signs and symptoms’ tab to hone in on the importance of early detection,” the website states. “Also, Your Man Reminder’s Facebook sharing capabilities will allow users to proudly announce when they’ve taken their breasts into their own hands and which sexy man from the App motivated them to check.  This will help remind the other women to stay on top of their breast health.”

Other features include self-exam tips and a calendar for scheduling doctor’s appointments.

The app is already attracting mild criticism for the way it objectifies men, as well as its exclusion of lesbians and straight women who prefer non-mainstream body types. But based on the video below, Your Man Reminder employs tongue-in-cheek humor as much as sexy dudes to get its message across. Hopefully, the app will help more women detect breast cancer at an early stage.



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Image captured from YouTube video


Jo Castle
joanne c5 years ago

I thought it was cute! I'm so tired of everything catered to men. Why shouldn't women have a little 'eye candy'? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander, (or vice versa). I love it. Its all in fun anyways. Don't like it? Don't use it. Simple.

Pat M.
Pat Mencke5 years ago

I don't need any diverse options. This will do fine. I'll be getting this app pronto. And my doctor will be really happy that I've found a way to get these exams done.

Sex is good. Sex is natural. Looking is not a sin. Bring on the beef! Best things I've heard of in a long time.

Antony M.
Antony Mcgowan5 years ago

get dressed properly men

Bill C.
Bill C5 years ago

How many cases of breast cancer do yu think are discovered by their sexual partner be they male, female or umndecided?


Denise L.
Denise L5 years ago

I don't know I think it's just in fun and will hopefully get women to remember to check their breasts

mind you have bought calendars of pin-ups for animal rescue groups

in our society the reality is sex sells, so if it happens to be for a good cause then why not

Justyna D.
Justyna Z5 years ago

Hilarious! I had a good laugh. :)

the Other RobertO
Robert O5 years ago

Interesting how many posters insist that men have objectified women 'far longer' than the opposite. That is ridiculous. People of all stripes are constantly objectifying others. Men have long been objectified for their looks and their assets. Puh-leez!

Tracey D.
Tracey D5 years ago

Good idea but I won't be downloading it.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

its only fair, women get objectified, so should men but the thing that bugs me is this for breast cancer. women need to know how to check their breasts by looking at breasts because there is a big difference in breast tissue (fat, ducts, lymph nodes) than a male's "breast" area which is mostly muscle (unless they are fat or a lack of muscle). this is is more of an issue of making sure the health information is correctly put out.

Antony M.
Antony Mcgowan5 years ago

the need to get there tops back on