New Hampshire Reconsiders Prison For Abortion Docs


A New Hampshire bill that would prosecute doctors as felons if they don’t lie to women and tell them that having an abortion increases their risk of developing breast cancer is getting a second look. Kind of.

A House criminal justice committee voted 8-7 voted Tuesday to recommend removing the Class A felony provision from the bill which would have doctors facing 15 years in prison if they refused to disseminate medically inaccurate information to women.

The House had just voted last week to send the bill to the Senate but then voted to reconsider and sent it to its Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee because of the penalties involved.

So while Republicans became reluctant to prosecute doctors and put them in prison, there are still plenty of bad provisions left. Violators would still be open to malpractice lawsuits or disciplinary action and the bill has other criminal penalties that, once again, show the right’s intent to criminalize as a means of controlling reproduction.

The bill also imposes a 24-hour waiting period between a consultation and the procedure.


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Lynne B.
Lynne Buckley5 years ago


Lori E.
Lori E5 years ago

I don't get how something like this is even being voted on. Doesn't make sense.

Jessica H.
Jessica Hoback5 years ago

The Bible is completely pro-abortion. It says that priests should give women abortions if they're accused of cheating on their husbands, that God performs abortions to punish parents, that if a man punches a woman in the stomach and causes her to miscarry it isn't murder, and that fetuses and infants less than one month old have NO VALUE.

It's bad enough that these "religious" nut-jobs are trying to force their beliefs on us, but that they're doing it without actually reading the book they claim tells them that this is wrong... it's just infuriating!

LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago


KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Morgaine D.
Anna Dayton5 years ago

This is absolutely insane how on earth can a bill like this even stand half a chance at all. Requiring doctors to lie to patients or face charges is totally unconstitutional, this is far worse than Oklahoma wanting to withhold information from women. If we do not want to keep our babies you cannot make us!

Mark S.
Mark S5 years ago

America sucks. Too many nuts making laws.

Chad A.
Chad A5 years ago

While we are considering extreme laws that sound good but would probably do a lot more damage to their own cause, why don't we lock up men who give women and unwanted pregnancy-on the word of the woman?

Deborah D.
Deborah D5 years ago

Ludicrous to require a specific lecture for the docs to give to women requesting an abortion.
The "risk" has not been widely reviewed enough to be of real concern.

Talk about an incredibly destructive action against the trust a patient *should* have with their physician.

Debbie House
Debbie House5 years ago

What the hell Is wrong with them! It should always be against the law for doctors to LIE to their patients! What about the the hippa law they can't even give your family any medical information about you until you sign a form so how can they lie to their patients.