New Orleans Women’s Clinic Set On Fire

A women’s clinic in New Orleans appears to be the victim of an arson attack, making it the third attack on women’s health clinics in the south in the last week.

Women With A Vision offers “safe, respectful, free of judgment spaces for women and girls impacted by the sex trade and street economies.” Their work includes breast cancer awareness, HIV prevention and reproductive health services. The executive director Deon Haywood told WWLTV she believes they were targeted because the group works with poor women and sex workers. I mean, we have serious health issues here and we reach the people most at risk for these diseases, and so that in itself, really hurts, Haywood said. Im trying not to get emotional, but that hurts, that someone would target us like this.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms are conducting a joint investigation into similar arson attacks in Georgia. No word yet if they plan a similar investigation in Louisiana.

The fire reportedly burned female and male condoms, HIV education posters and suits donated for women to wear to job interviews to help transition them out of street work.

Two fires in Georgia. An earlier attack in Wisconsin. Another in Texas. As conservatives ratchet up anti-woman, anti-choice rhetoric and match those attacks with legislation the violent right appears to have taken this as a cue to ratchet up their actions as well. Knowing that the 2012 presidential campaign will only become more heated, and the legislation that follows in 2013 more restrictive and women’s rights activists have plenty to be concerned about, including their own safety.

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Photo from quintanomedia via flickr.


Melanie Victoria
Melanie Victoria5 years ago

I could effortlessly envision any of the men who participated (though there could be some women involved) in this heinous act or men who condone these actions, gleefully procuring the services of prostitutes. The fact that the suits (which are used to help the women find meaningful employment) were burned as well is particularily repugnant. This is precisely what occurs when we view some women as mere objects and accordingly remove the veil of protection from them. Of course we only extend the veil of protection of women who conform (or appear to conform) to feminine norms of sexuality. The simple fact of the matter is that sex workers (prostitutes, strippers and women in pornography) serve an important function in society. Not only do they perform sexual acts with people most women would be repulsed even to look at, they are deemed to be sinister and sinful and in comparison women who do not engage in this work are viewed as more righteous and normal. Can you imagine how much safer sex work would be if men actually respected the women who provide these services? The New Orleans clinic would be rendered redundant...

Melanie Victoria
Melanie Victoria5 years ago

I could effortlessly envision some of the men (although this is not to assume that none of the perpetrators were female) who committed this henious act glefully purchasing the services of prostitutes. The fact that these monsters even burned the suits for women seeking clean life is telling. This is precisely what happens when people do not view sex workers as human beings and view them conversely as mere sexual objects. Imagine how much safer the work of prostitutes would be and how much the risk of disease would decline if men respected these women and the services they provide. We cannot permit sex workers (prostitutes, strippers and women in pornography) to be viewed as women who are different from women who do not perform this kind of work. They are not different. They are fellow women. It is precisely because these women are denigrated to object status and thus removed from our veil of protection that the contempt and violence against them is condoned or at least not objected to.

Miriam W.
miriam w5 years ago

if any man out there loves any woman, I implore you to protest. March on Washington. Boycott. This machine runs on YOUR indifference and YOUR money.

and women, stop making excuses for the misogynists in your life.
no more!

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

These "christians" don't seem to have read the bible, purported to be god's word. People who are so single-minded as to become jury and judge, are mentally ill, and need to be taken off the streets for help. Sane law-abiding citizens cannot live in the same society with them. Life is to be lived with peace and helping your fellows. Anger and ranting cloud the mind into insanity.

Linda T.
Linda T5 years ago

Must be a cordnated group since the fires at several Georgia women clinic just happened last week. These terrorist deserve to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Lynda Duke
Lynda Duke5 years ago

Shameful! This is NOT what the Jesus I learned about would accept or do. Too many right wing nutcases around!

Patti R.
Patti Ruocco5 years ago

As all Muslims are not terrorists, neither are all Christians pro-lifers. I am Christian, love my faith and will stand up for it. Unfortunately, others use the jargon of my faith to teach hate and do violence---as all faiths have a history of....simply because there are human beings that make up the group.

I am Christian, I am a feminist, pro-choice, pro-euthanasia and even pro-capital punishment in certain circumstances. I am not homophobic, or racist. When you tar all with the same brush you are doing the same thing racists and others who teach hate are doing. Be passionate, stand up for what is right and just--but don't become one of the enemy by teaching hate from another angle. Take a good look in the mirror.

That said---Yes--these bombers need to be investigated as terrorists, and any group that supports them, treated as such.

Barbara S.

Less than 3% of people who go these women's clinics are refered for abortion. The rest are women down on their luck - out of a job and needing MANY kinds of medical attention, counseling, and getting prepared to look for work. Does it make any sense to destroy and main good people who are there for many reasons - not just abortion referrals. These terrorists should be on the first list to be sent to Guantanomo... They are not Americans who care about others who need help to become a positive working American.

Rachel P.
Rachel k5 years ago

It makes me so upset. And now Romney doesn't bother to correct Trump's anti Obama citizenship crap. The right wing is bullying the American people, starting with the poor and minorities.

Karen J.
Karen J5 years ago

The only difference between a pro-choice woman and a conservative "Anti-Choice" is which door they use to seek reproductive services or an abortion. The front door or the back door. Guess which one uses the back. They have forgotten what it was like when the bodies of women piled up in the ER. Guess we'll find out again, won't we?