New York Clinic Forced To Shut Down Due To Anti-Choice Harassment

Anti-choice activists employ a variety of tactics to try and prevent women from accessing abortion care. In Brooklyn that includes harassing doctors and patients until clinics close or stop performing the procedure.

According to reports, the Ambulatory Specialty Surgery Center of Brooklyn recently closed but will re-open shortly as a new medical center that provides outpatient surgeries but not abortion. The clinic closure comes after 22 years of sustained protests and abortion advocates say it is the first time they have heard of a clinic in New York closing under pressure from protestors.

“It was getting more and more difficult. Doctors were getting harassed and patients were getting harassed,” said building and clinic owner Terry Lazar told the New York Daily News about his decision to eliminate abortions. “It was a decision we finally had to make.”

Hoards of protesters would descend on the clinic, forcing doctors and patients to pass through them just to access the facility. “You had protesters with signs and banners yelling at people telling them they were baby killers,” Lazar said. “We were trying to do both and it just wasn’t working. We would have gone out of business.”

Of course, that was exactly the point.

Unlike legislation attempts to restrict abortion rights, clinic harassment is at least honest about its goal and intentions. Clinic protesters will verbally attack women while insisting they’re about to save their souls. It’s a campaign of guilt and shame and one that is only possible because we tolerate it.

There is no First Amendment right to harass a business into closure but there is a federal law that provides civil remedies as well as criminal penalties access to abortion clinics. But unless those violations are prosecuted, and until we stop targeting clinics to regulate them out of existence this is what life looks like for doctors and women at abortion clinics across the country.


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Photo from MarkLyon via flickr.


Holly M.
Holly M5 years ago

That picture of the dour-faced males reminds me of George Carlin's "Pro-Life is Anti-Woman" video on You Tube. He asked, "How come the people who don't want you to have an abortion are people you wouldn't **** in the first place?" That describes those guys to a T. However, I'd be for their right to choose if they had a uterus or ovaries too.

Will Rogers
Will Rogers5 years ago

These people are anti choice, so we should give them no choice and clear them away like the rubbish they are.

Heidi R.
Past Member 5 years ago

Goodness. I find it hard to believe this has happened in NY!

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

Anti-choice activists like those pictured above are filled with hate. There is NOTHING Christian about them. They hide behind being a "Christian" and they have NO idea what that means.

Oana Vasiloiu
yonette VO5 years ago

No clinic should be closed by force! Is an abuse! People are also resposible in front of God for what they do.If God forgives a person who made a mistake, why people not? They judge and kill indirectly, but maybe those women will understand later their mistake and change.

Scott V.
Scott V.5 years ago

doesnt Bloomberg call himself proCHOICE? Wheres my CHOICE when I want a large soda!

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

Ever notice that cops attack protesters who push for social change, but when the ring-wing assholes protests, they are allowed to get unruly without punishment?

Linda McKellar
Past Member 5 years ago

Pam - A star from petty cash since I've already sent you one this week. SO TRUE!

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

And what to you think would happen if groups of atheists protested in front of churches?

Anna M.
Anna M5 years ago

I wish all of the holier-than-thou assholes go meet their maker sooner rather than later.