New York Giants Owner Steve Tisch Supports N.Y. Marriage Equality (VIDEO)

Steve Tisch, owner of the New York Giants, has recorded a video for the Human Rights Campaign’s New Yorkers for Marriage Equality initiative in support of New York becoming the sixth and largest state to approve marriage equality.

The Human Rights Campaign released the following statement alongside the video:

“We’re honored to have an incredibly well respected and revered businessman in New York, like Steve Tisch, join our cause,” said Brian Ellner, HRC’s Senior Strategist in New York. “He’s won an Academy Award and a Super Bowl ring and now he’s helping us win marriage equality in New York.”

On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced the Marriage Equality Act into the state Assembly. A bill must be passed by both the Assembly and the Senate by the end of the legislative session on June 20. Read more on that here.

A Quinnipiac poll released in the last few weeks confirms record support for marriage equality in the state with 58% of respondents favoring same-sex marriage. Previous polls have also suggested 58% support marriage equality in the state.

TAKE ACTION: Live in New York? Contact your senators today and tell them you support marriage equality

For previous coverage of efforts to legalize marriage equality in New York, please click here.

Image taken from the HRC video under fair use terms, no infringement intended.


W. C
W. C10 months ago


William C
William C10 months ago

Thank you.

Athena C.
Athena C6 years ago

Go Tisch!

Allan Yorkowitz
.6 years ago

Getting an endorsement from Tisch is a major plus. Generally speaking, the sports world is overall so homophobic, this can only do some good. Will it bring football players out of the closet?

Zeke S.
Ezekiel Springer6 years ago

@Bruce S.- Here's the problem with your statement "Why do they insist on usurping the word "marriage", which has had a specific meaning for thousands of years and donates (sic) a the union between a man and a women?"

They are not "usurping" anything. They want the same right to do what you already have the right to do. Why is that wrong? Do you feel you should be PRIVILEGED over your fellow human due to a difference in sexuality? Also do you feel interracial couples "usurped" the institution of marriage when "miscegenation" was illegal in most state of the Union?

And let's talk about the "specific meaning of marriage denoted for a thousand years". In the entire history of mankind, "marriage" is a fairly recent thing, yes it is. And for most of that history "marriage" was a man palming off or selling one or all of his daughters to a man/men she didn't really know and definitely didn't love in order to marry. In return, that man would receive either goods, services, money, an heir or power. For most of the history of marriage that's what marriage was. Sorry to disappoint you but the fact is this, marriage for love is only about 300 years old. So there you go, THE TRUE HISTORY OF MARRIAGE. Makes you want to take a scalding shower doesn't it.

Opponents of Marriage Equality, like yourself, try to paint this rosy history of marriage which just doesn't jive with the FACTS.

So now that you're truly informed, your against MARRIAGE EQUALITY BECAUSE...?

Glen P.
Glen P6 years ago

Thanks Steve Tisch.

I have new found respect for the NY Giants.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

The world of sports speaking up for human rights can influence some of the fans....

Alicia N.
Alicia N6 years ago

noted with thanks...

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Thank you

Jane H.
Jane H6 years ago

Excellent!! I'm betting it WILL pass....hooray already