New York Steps Up to Crack Down on Puppy Mills

Animal advocates across the country have been working to protect dogs and cats from inhumane puppy and kitten mills that continue to mass produce animals, all while thousands wait in shelters and rescues for forever homes.

A major part of that is closing off markets for commercial breeders, including pet stores. While many continue to defend pet store sales of dogs, claiming that the animals they sell only come from breeders who are licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the standards that have to be met for licensing are the bare minimum. Tragically for the animals involved, multiple investigations, inspections and busts have continued to expose the problems inherent in these types of operations.

Thankfully awareness about the problem continues to grow, and people are taking action to protect companion animals from this vicious cycle across the nation. Dozens of major cities across the U.S. have banned the retail sale of dogs, cats and other animals in pet stores, while California recently passed a stateside a ban on pet store sales.

While similar efforts are underway in other cities and states, New York could be one of the next to take a major step to crack down on this problem.

Senator Michael Gianaris recently introduced legislation (S. 7711) that would ban pet stores from selling dogs and cats from breeders, and would instead require them to work with rescues and shelters if they want to offer animals.

The bill’s justification points out that the problems with puppy mills have been well documented across the nation, and pet stores are perpetuating the problem by stocking poorly cared for and mistreated animals who often come with health and behavioral problems that will affect them for the rest of their lives – all while shelters in the state have many perfectly healthy and adoptable dogs, but are struggling to compete with designer breeds that come from mills.

“With thousands of good animals in need of homes, there is no need for notorious puppy mills to supply pet stores,” said Sen. Gianaris. “Our four-legged companions should be treated with respect, not like commodities.”

Hopefully this legislation will pass and help crack down on the notorious mills operating in the U.S. by closing a huge market for the animals they produce that are sold in pet stores. Not only will this help save the lives of dogs and cats in need of homes and reduce the demand for more from breeders, it will help protect consumers, and relieve taxpayers who are ultimately paying for shelters to house and kill animals.


You can show your support by signing and sharing the petition urging lawmakers in New York to co-sponsor and support this important piece of legislation for companion animals.

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