Newt: Let’s Hang The Druggies!

Watch out, stoners!  With a constantly shifting GOP candidate field, low approval ratings for the incumbent, and an economy that shows little signs of recovery, there is an actual possibility that by this time next year, the country may have voted in President-elect Newt Gingrich.  And if that happens, he could be going all “Brokedown Palace” on you.

According to Think Progress, the new presidential front runner wants to go heavy on the drug war, including making drug smuggling a crime punishable with the death sentence.  Even more disturbing?  He then praised Singapore for its “draconian” drug policies.  Some of those laudable policies?  “The country’s ‘drug laws are among the world’s harshest. Anyone aged 18 or over convicted of carrying more than 15 grams of heroin faces mandatory execution by hanging.’ In 2005, Singapore infamously executed an Australian citizen for possession of .4 kilograms of heroin.”

Also considered “trafficking?” Being in possession of 30 grams of weed. Including if it is found in a building that you own the keys to, even if you are not there at the time.  And if you are in the presence of drugs being used, you will be assumed to be using the drugs as well unless you can prove otherwise.

In a Gingrich administration, it just might be time to toss out that bong…


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Stephan B.
Stephan B6 years ago

William B.... so correct; good post.

Newt is the most aptly named amphibian ever to run for office. In his utopia there would only be the 1%, all with history degrees as only he would teach it, and non of them paying taxes.

Without the other 99% paying and paying and paying, there would be no infrastructure for them to drive drive down in cars that cost more an average mortgage. They like him, need the stressed backs of the working class to pay the cost of society.

I don;t know who is compelled to lie more to maintain appearances; an adulterer or a drug user. Since he is a degreed authority on both topics, perhaps we should get his opinion. My suspicions are this is another area where he will rewrite the facts or at least obfuscate them.

If we euthanize drugs users in the interest of society, then we should also include adulterers; he is guilty on both counts. Tis would leave only one person to turn out the lights and unable to reproduce, unless god decides to start again and grabs a rib bone and build another woman. if god don not intercede this time nature will take care of itself and the rest of the species, great ans small, will begin to thrive again.

More political 'points of view' can dance on the head of a pin than angels. With so many on the air waves and websites, who can know the truth? The only one is the one made the truth debatable. Such is the nature of politics.

William Baylor
William Baylor6 years ago

How can any American even think about voting for this creep of a man Newt Gingrich! He is a walking garbage can full of scum and slim and ignorance! What is wrong with this country? Why don’t you people talk about what he is rather than his pathetic perverted aspersions to be President of the United States of America! What kind of Christian would even vote for this scum bag! So much for Christians! Duh

Heather G.
Heather G6 years ago

Frances C, I agree!! And I want to add that they shamelessly twist the truth (even scientific evidence) around to suit their argument of the day!!

Ray S.
Ray S6 years ago

USE your VOICE or LOSE your VOICE so your (children)daughter's have a VOICE and FREEDOM of CHOICE!

Well, Newt,, I guess it's okay if your BREAK the LAW right? Maybe not by smoking pot but other offenses that are considered ILLEGAL.

Maybe,SEX and CHEATING is your DRUG of CHOICE.
In the State of Georgia Adultery is ILLEGAL--ORAL SEX I believe is considered ILLEGAL in Georgia, plus ,having it performed on you in PUBLIC definitely is ILLEGAL. Outside in your DRIVEWAY where your children and others could observe. Great ROLE MODEL. Be careful you may get excommunicated by the Catholic Church.Since the Catholic Church does not approve of ORAL SEX even between married Catholic's. One of the reason's are because their would be no way of CONCEIVING by having ORAL SEX.

Cheryl H.
Cheryl H6 years ago

"And if you are in the presence of drugs being used, you will be assumed to be using the drugs as well unless you can prove otherwise."

Chilling. I do not use drugs and never have, but there's more than one occasion I've been at a bus stop and someone's been smoking weed, and once in a while I've been around friends when they've smoked weed. The idea that I could end up possibly facing the death penalty just for being near someone using weed is terrifying. And to think Newt could well be a serious contender for the Republican Presidental nomination...the GOP is a nightmare come to life.

Monica K.
Monica K6 years ago

No, let's hang all the lying, cheating, stealing, ignorant, pompous politicians who use their wealth and political power to overcome the fact that they're prejudiced, misogynist, ugly and stupid. Who openly flaunt the fact that they are not in politics to represent the people of this country, but instead are for sale to highest bidder. Oops, sorry Newt, it's the death penalty for you!

Tery G.
Tery G6 years ago

Again the GOP ignores the problems middle America is having. Jobs & the economy, made worse by criminal incompetence demonstrated by our elected government. Lax and un-upheld laws concerning corporate crime that costs our country billions. They focus on minor criminals that probably don't contribute or lobby. Ken - you have to KNOW our constitution in order to save it.

the Other RobertO
Robert O6 years ago

Sure, kill all the stoners! But let's start with the lawyers and the lobbyists.

Mark Stevenson
Mark S6 years ago

I wish Newt Gangrene will just rot away to nothing.

Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

I have posted on several sites some of President Obama's accomplishments. It is a futile waste of time as the tea party people don't understand anything that makes sense, and they don't want to know. They just keep on spouting their lies and nonsense. It is not worth it to try and debate with those closed minds. They will trash the President for any ridiculous lie they can come up with. But they will completely ignore all the slimy things that their tea party candidates do or say.