Night of The Living Dead: Bad Zombie Policies Continue To Walk The Earth

Zombies are a hot topic in pop culture these days – zombie books, zombie television shows, and even rumors of a Brad Pitt led zombie movie.

Unfortunately, the zombie trend has also reached Capitol Hill, and some bad policy ideas are crawling out of the legislative graveyard. 


First is the reanimated Dirty Air Act, which was originally a resolution from Senator Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its ability to regulate greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide – the only way, given the Senate’s inaction on climate legislation,  currently available to limit dangerous carbon pollution from industrial sources. 


The Dirty Air Act has been revived this time by Sen. Jay Rockefeller (WV). This time the act would prevent the EPA from limiting carbon pollution for two years—which is two years too many to allow free dumping of carbon pollution into our skies.


As the Senate continues to postpone meaningful action on climate change – delaying until at least September – this amendment would set a dangerous precedent.  By handicapping the EPA, the government agency tasked with protecting our health by protecting our clean air and water, the Dirty Air Act is an anti-health bill, inviting polluters to poison our air and water for at least two more years without any recourse whatsoever.


Another bad idea shambling out of the halls of Congress is one that seems to be immune from any and all attempts to kill it for good: drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the last, best landscape in the world, and the crown jewel of the National Wildlife Refuge System.


Ironically, this horrifying nightmare has been seen lurking around the House and Senate versions of bills to deal with cleaning up the oily disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, threatening one treasured landscape on a bill meant to clean up another.


The reasons to keep the drills out of the Arctic Refuge are numerous, ranging from the calving grounds of the legendary Porcupine caribou herd, to the polar bears that live along the coast, to the Gwich’in people that call the Refuge their home.


While there are no current specific proposals to open the Refuge to the likes of BP and other oil and gas companies, this dangerous policy idea keeps clawing its way back to the surface—requiring our constant vigilance.


As in zombie movies, zombie bills are hard to eliminate completely.  But if we stay vigilant, organized and vocal, we can make sure that the Congress never lets them roam freely on this earth.


Lincoln Else


andrea s.
andrea B7 years ago

More lost jobs vs. helping the environment Hmmm.

Sylvia B.
Sylvia B7 years ago

I sometimes wonder if these Republican hacks were dropped on their heads as babies. Their stupidity is enough to make my brain bleed.

Rita S.
Past Member 7 years ago

So many beautiful and good things are destroyed at the hands of human (Zombies). The price of freedom 'for humans' and "wildlife" is an eternal vigilance.

Lynda J.
Lynda J7 years ago

Succinctly put, Mark M! Right on the spot! That's exactly how it is. It's about power, greed and corruption - and they are the Zombie Triplets!

Mark M.
Mark M7 years ago

These bills are alive only because their Congressional sponsors are being paid to resurrect them, and/or others are being paid to not oppose them. This is the worst kind of politics: corrupt, arrogant, insufferable, scornful. The people are supposed to be the bosses, and even though polls indicate that a majority of the public wants Big Energy to be reined in and made to clean up their drilling, mining, and corporate-influence act, We the People are constantly thwarted by these disdainful, evil legislative zombie monsters that will NOT DIE! Our Constitution, voting process and legitimate desires seem to be to toilet paper to them. This is worse than greed. They are willing to sacrifice that which belongs to everyone else to satisfy their own rapacious appetites. Alternative energy is HERE, NOW, but like the ugliest street corner crack pushing organized gangster thugs, we will be forced to continue hearing their venal vampire P.R. and buying every drop of their toxic crap until we revolt, because reasoning with them is nearly ineffectual. If their Republican't enablers re-take Congress, you can expect that the assault on the environment will be incessant.

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p7 years ago

interesting read thanks

Aditi A.
.7 years ago

action should be taken.

Monica D.
Monica D7 years ago

Interesting analogy! Yes, we must stop these evils that crawl out of the darkness.

Lin C.
Linda C7 years ago

As "concerned citizens" we need to vote ALL the people OUT of office who are coming up for re-election and get some new blood in Congress. Look closely at the candidates and look into their past and "promises" made to us. Lisa Murkowski has to GO, as does anyone else who's up and does NOT have the environment as the first priority. Hells bells folks, we can't even have a war w/o the environment....... let all the warmongers think about that!! (I personally are against this war, it's gone on long enough and the soldiers are going to be in WORSE shape than Vietnam vets due to too many rotations back to the front.) We're going to have to put ALOT of money into the VA in order to take care of these kids (and grown ups too) who have seen to much and done too much for anyone in 1 lifetime!!

Michael Rains
Past Member 7 years ago

The way the corporate state of america is going we may end up with the republican/church side as royalists and i think you know the rest.