NJ Election Results: Christie Ally Will Challenge Menendez

State. Sen. Joe Kyrillos Wins GOP Nomination For US Senate Seat

State Sen. Joe Kyrillos of Monmouth County (near the Jersey Shore) won the GOP nomination for a US Senate seat and will challenge incumbent U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez whom Kyrillos described as a “mediocre Senator.” Kyrillos, a close ally of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, easily defeated three opponents and, says NJ.com, the upcoming race could offer some fireworks. Kyrillos indicated that he would seek to connect Menendez to former Senator and Governor Joe Corzine, who has become embroiled in the fall of MF Global, an investment firm that collapsed in October (with Corzine as CEO); over a billion dollars are missing from the accounts of the company’s trader customers.

However, Menendez has plenty of funds for his campaign and New Jersey is historically Democratic, having sent Democratic senators to Washington for the past 36 years.

10th District: Donald Payne Jr. Wins Democratic Nomination for the 10th Congressional District Seat

Newark City Council President Donald Payne Jr. easily won the Democratic nomination for the 10th Congressional District seat in what is described as “heated race” to succeed his father, U.S. Rep. Donald Payne Sr., who passed away in March after serving 23 years as New Jersey’s first black representative in Congress.

Payne, who won 60 percent of the vote, had the endorsements of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and of the Congressional Black Caucus, as well as the endorsement of the local, politically connected, Essex County Democratic Party As NJ.com notes, Payne “ran largely on the legacy of his father, touting the relationships he had built in Washington.”

9th District: U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell Defears Fellow Incumbent U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman

In the 9th district, which consists of Passaic County and also New Jersey’s heavily populated Bergen County directly across from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell defeated fellow incumbent U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman. Redistricting led to Rothman’s seat landing in a heavily Republican district; Pascrell’s district ended up in one “more closely resembl[ing] the one Rothman had represented than his own.” Rothman had moved to move to another town, Englewood, to run against Pascrell, rather than having to run against a Republican incumbent.

In a concession speech, Rothman noted his friendship with Pascrell and offered his support.

Pascrell will face GOP candidate Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who says that he plans to make human rights the focus of his campaign; on Wednesday, he said he would be meeting with officials in Israel to discuss human rights abuses in Syria.

Teacher Who Took On Christie Wins Democratic Assembly Primary

Marie Corfield, an elementary school art teacher who challenged Christie over cuts to education fundings and his rhetoric about the teachers union, has won a chance at an Assembly seat in central New Jersey. She  will run again in November against Republican incumbent Donna Simon.

A 2010 video of Corfield at a town hall went viral, as it showed her speaking up Christie who had referred to teachers as “welfare queens.”


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Image of New Jersey Congressional Districts from Wikimedia Commons


Deborah L.
Deborah L5 years ago

Daniel A.: I doubt that the less than supreme court ignorant bullies who decided to fulfill the republican order to screw the democrats, unions and the American people, would ever go back on their bought and paid for decision on Citizen's United from their masters and owners. Especially that smug, arrogant, head of this group of repugnants, Roberts. He has no soul and he really does not care about what this has done to America. It was their goal to bring American people hung out with nothing or very little choices of survival and the top 1-2% to have everything and the rest of us so desperate that we will go fight their wars for oil and world control for pennies and a meal a day if you are lucky and the rest of us might be able to find a job that lets the people work for free for them and then replace them every month or 90 days. And yes, in the past few years, many trained and college graduates are working for free for the experience as jobs are scarce and they think it will get them hired into these companies once their "probation period" is over. Thing is, why would any company hire people for money when there is an endless supply of workers who will do it for free and that is another goal of the PTB.

Daniel A.
Danield A5 years ago

With all the 100s of million dollars available from out-of-state billionaires, I doubt that the Porker can be unseated. Look at what happened in Wisconsin. Unless the SCOTUS repents of Citizens United, the average citizen has no chance at all. If you can buy the politicians, and the airwaves, you can own the USA, even tho you can't buy the rest of us. It looks to me like France in 1787-8.