No, Google Bros, Having Sexist Opinions Isn’t Brave

News involving both Google and women has generally not been positive recently, but the gender chaos involving the search giant may have come to a head in the last few days.

Just days after announcing the company had closed the gender pay gap, the Department of Labor accused the company of “extreme” gender discrimination, including pay disparities. If that weren’t enough to tarnish Google’s progressive image, a male employee wrote and circulated a 10-page anti-diversity manifesto that ended up getting a lot of attention.

Over the weekend, word got around that James Damore, a disgruntled senior software engineer, shared his personal manifesto on a company mailing list. The document was shared widely among developers, then on social media.

Entitled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” the document, which is the personal opinion of the Damore, explains that women are underrepresented in the tech industry because of inherent differences between men and women.

Rather than the result of gender bias, the author argues that women are more neurotic and emotional while men inherit brains. Efforts to improve diversity or encourage more women to take on leadership roles, he deems “arbitrary social engineering.” The Left, says the author, frequently deny inherent sex difference regarding IQ.

According to Damore’s worldview, society is programmed to protect women, who are weak, at the expense of men. Diversity is great—he really wants everyone to know how great he thinks diversity is, while simultaneously trying to undermine the programs that support it. But rather than continue to overprotect women and improve gender diversity, Google should be focusing on “arguably the most important type of diversity” which is “viewpoint diversity.”

Yes, the ranting man-baby feels that conservatives as a minority are under attack and must “stay in the closet to avoid open hostility.” (Although widely disseminating your so-called conservative viewpoints hardly seems like hiding in the closet). Unlike the good old days, dudes can’t just run around the office talking about how women are inferior.

Except that he clearly felt emboldened enough to do just that. Silicon Valley doesn’t have a reputation for being that protective of women. This guy knew there were plenty of others like him, and they showed up for him in droves.

Although plenty of employees denounced the sexist sentiments, one Google employee told Motherboard, “honestly, more people have been agreeing with it than I would like.”

Supporters called the man brave, for daring to voice what was for centuries society’s prominent opinion.

On Blind, an app for tech employees to talk anonymously, Google staff created a thread specifically for discussing the memo.

“I’m impressed. It took serious guts to post that,” wrote one employee. “I hope nothing happens to the guy.”

“We should all go and respond with support,” said another. “The more the supporters, the safer he is.”

“The fella who posted that is extremely brave. We need more people standing up against the insanity. Otherwise ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ which is essentially a pipeline from Women’s and African Studies into Google, will ruin the company,” wrote another.

Despite this guy’s claims, he clearly felt confident enough he’d receive a reasonable amount of support for his position that he disseminated this document. How unpopular could you believe your opinion to be if you’re that comfortable sharing it openly? We see now that it isn’t.

What is brave is being a woman at Google and continuing to show up and do your job knowing at least some of your coworkers think you’re inferior because of your gender.

Damore has since been fired by Google. He undoubtedly sees himself as the victim of censorship and that he was fired for having a minority opinion. In reality, he disrespected his female coworkers and likely made the office environment very uncomfortable for them to work in, used a company mailing list to disseminate a sexist document, and created a PR nightmare for a company already going through one.

Don’t worry about this guy though. Julian Assange has already offered him a job at Wikileaks.

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Marie W
Marie Wabout a month ago

thanks for sharing

Nicole Heindryckx
Nicole Heindryckx5 months ago

"We are more neurotic and emotional .. Men inherit brains" ?? My God, just look at the politicians ruling the U.S.A. since beginning this year. They have brains ?? Well, may be something like the crocodiles are having. Just enough to be brutal, selfish, and egoistic. I have not seen anything good coming out of their brains. They are the best example that this "statement" is TOTALLY WRONG and SEXIST. MEN can not do 2 or 3 things at the same time (heritage from the time they just had to hunt or fish and focus on only 1 thing, while women had to do the washing & cooking & cleaning AND AT THE SAME TIME look after her siblings. So for thousands of years we have this advantage. Yes, we are more emotional. That's a BENEFIT, and not a DISADVANTAGE. If we all should show the same compassion and empathy as the average dude ; there would be 10 times more suicides ; we would need at least 200 % more psychiatric institutions, and criminality by teens would be at least 5 times higher than now. Men don't have the ABILITY to listen to someone. They are so fulfilled with their own ideas, and selfishness that the opinion of another human being, specially women, is not worth listening to. He think to be brave ?? Don't make me laugh !!! All the women working at Google are BRAVE to stay there 5 days a week, with a neurotic idiot, still living in the 18th century. Sure, he never read a decent book on "differences between women and men". Y

ANA MARIJA R6 months ago

"n reality, he disrespected his female coworkers and likely made the office environment very uncomfortable for them to work in, used a company mailing list to disseminate a sexist document, and created a PR nightmare for a company already going through one."
Good grief... someone need to tell him that he still lives in fairytale about male domination...

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