No “Kiss of Life” For Thorn the Bearded Dragon: He Gets an Oxygen Mask

Firefighters are well versed in what to do when a cat or dog is trapped in a burning house, but what about non-traditional pets? A group of first responders in the UK got a chance to show off their MacGuyver skills when they responded to a fire only to learn that a bearded dragon lizard was still trapped inside the house.

According to Metro, fire crews were called to the scene after a bulb in the 2-year-old lizard’s vivarium enclosure overheated and caused a fire that spread throughout a house in Lye, West Midlands. Smoke and fired spread quickly throughout the structure, while the bearded dragon lizard named Thorn remained trapped in his basement cage.

When they finally got to the lizard, firefighters feared the worst had already happened. “‘Thorn was desperate for air and at first we thought it was dead,” firefighter Lucy Evans told Metro.

However, the timid touch of a finger to Thorn’s tail brought the bearded dragon back to life, thrilling the fire crew.

The first responders knew that the lizard had likely inhaled copious amounts of smoke-filled air and knew that, like a human victim, he needed fresh oxygen in his lungs.

Apparently, no one was quite sure how to give a bearded dragon lizard the kiss of life, so instead, the clever firefighters made adjustments to a human-sized oxygen mask so that it could be used to revive the animal.

Even though his cage was the source of the trouble, we’re sure that Thorn’s human owners are very glad the firefighters were so quick on their feet. The Metro reports that there were no human casualties.

Although it may seem strange to keep such an unusual animal, bearded dragons can actually make quite vivacious pets. Just check out this video of Spike the lizard snuggling with a cat.

Image via Andrew Tisinger


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One very lucky lizard and very smart firefighters. I did once see on a TV show they gave an oxygen deprived lizard (well technically it was a dinosaur but the primes is the same) oxygen by taking off the human mask putting a plastic container on top of it and inserted the tube though a small opening in the container. I'm not sure if it would work but I'd sure as hell give it a go if I had to. That said I'd also try mouth to mouth if I had to as well.

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Firefighters and First Responders are the best!

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What a cool story. Now I know to be careful with lamps in pet enclosures.