No More Naked Hiking In The Alps!

Hikers crossing the Alps in the nude may get more than just a chill after Switzerland’s top court ruled they may be fined, validating a conservative region’s bid to quash the practice.

On Thursday, November 17,  a court rejected the appeal of a man slapped with a 100 Swiss franc ($109) fine. The man had walked naked past a family with small children at a picnic area and a Christian rehabilitation center for drug addicts one Sunday afternoon in the eastern canton (state) of Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

Only A Marginal Infringement On Personal Freedom

Judges said the eastern canton (region) of Appenzell had been entitled to uphold a law on public decency. They said the ban on naked hiking was only a marginal infringement on personal freedom.

From the BBC:

The BBC’s Imogen Foulkes in Geneva says naked hiking is an increasingly popular pastime in Switzerland.

However, Appenzell is a deeply devout and conservative canton – it only granted women the right to vote in 1990 – and the influx of naked hikers has offended many local people, she adds.

The new ruling applies to the entire country.

Nude  hikers may now have to look for another country which offers them a warmer welcome.

Nude Hiking? Nude Swimming? What Do You Think?

As an avid hiker, I’m not sure that I understand the need to hike with no clothes on, especially in the Alps.

But while naked hiking is an increasingly popular pastime in Switzerland, nude beaches are increasingly popular in my native England; I guess it’s everyone to their own pleasure.

What do you think?

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Stab V.
Stab V.6 years ago

Nude is natural when you are alone and need to be nude, or when you are with an intimate partner. There is nothing natural about walking around exposing your genitals to strangers.

Dana H.
Dana H.6 years ago

why no more naked Yes, this is attractive. Being nude is natural. why not take off the clothes. If you are looking for nudist date or nudist friends. Yeah, nudistconnect com is best choice to you.

Mindy S.
Mindy S.6 years ago

Nothing wrong with being naked as long as you enjoy it and can handle it. We are all born that way! Naturistmingle com is the best choice for you!

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Charli S.
Charlotte S6 years ago

As an army brat I spent a good amount of time in Europe. I enjoyed the freedom there and grew up going to the nude beaches and such When my son was born I brought him to the beaches too. He grew up with a knowledge that bodies were nothing to gawk at and he never developed the weird fetishes many prudish people have. I'm sorry that the freedom to be without clothing is being destroyed.

It would be so nice to live in a world in which everyone could live as they wanted as long as they didn't harm anyone else. I'm sick of having the hangups of a few destroy the enjoyment of the many.

Shirley Townsend
Shirley T6 years ago

If you have private trails available then knock yourself out. But public trails are not the place for hiking in the buff. There certainly can be designated trails the way there are for beaches. And by the way Jennifer my now adult children always knew the correct term for their body parts and I have no ridiculous or for that matter any fear of the naked body mine or others. And it took about 10 seconds to find 12 nudist colonies in Texas with Google. I do not think most people think sexual thoughts when they see a nude person and to me this is not the issue. For myself I like equipment made for hiking and those heavy pants, shoes and socks to protect me against scratches, bugs and the like. And at 67 you sure don't want to see me or my husband in the buff and your kids sure don't.

Russell R.
Russell R6 years ago

Keep it wrapped and packed as long as you know that you may come accross others that may not enjoy the veiw. "Warning, Bare Trail!"

Cathy C.
Cathy C6 years ago

My kid runs around the house naked. All my kids did at his age.Little kids are natural born nudists. My youngest one gets stomped on the hardest about it. He's male and the youngest with female teen sisters, so they scream. Poor kid. I think he needs a sister-free weekend to do as he pleases. I defend his sisters right to protest, they live here too. I try to tell my boy that there is nothing wrong with his body, it's just that as a society we don't like nudism.

Noel S.
Noel S.6 years ago

Nudism is o.k. if everyone is Nude. Everyone dosen't want to be. That's why there's Nudist Camps & Nudist Beaches. Perhaps there should be ( designated ) Nudist Hiking Areas.

But I do not NO WAY suddenly leftfield a big hairy naked guy , swinging around , filling my eyeballs . I object . And it could really FREAK children out.

Linda E.
Linda E6 years ago

If they only gave women the right to vote in 1990 maybe this area needs some stimuli to open their eyes more often.