Success! No More Sea Turtles Will Be Burned in Gulf

As the devastating reports of the BP oil spill and its harmful effects continue, a little good news reinforces some hope for a better future. Thanks to a lawsuit filed by The Center for Biological Diversity and Turtle Island Institute – along with petitions and letters from the public — BP and the U.S. Coast Guard have agreed to stop allowing endangered sea turtles to be burned alive during surface-oil cleanup operations.

Concern was sparked when news spread that BP was using controlled fires as a method to clean up the oil via dragging together fire-resistant booms and then lighting the enclosed “burn box” on fire. It has been reported that as of July 01, 594 stranded sea turtles had been collected in the Gulf area since the oil spill. Of those, 441 were already dead when they were found.

The Care2 community was quick to react to the news — with over 12,000 signatures on two petitions demanding BP to stop the torching of sea turtles in the Gulf. A big thank you to all who continue to make efforts to help sea turtles and other victims of the BP oil tragedy. This burning ban will help prevent even more unnecessary deaths.

But it is important to remember that sea turtles are endangered and still need your help. Remember to sign these petitions to continue protecting threatened sea turtles around the world:

Also, stay up to date with the latest Care2 coverage of the BP oil spill.


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Nino U.
Nino U6 years ago


voicen lin
voicen lin7 years ago

they're our friends ,don't have to kill them

Linda S.
Linda Sherrard7 years ago

VERY pleased, no more burning. hopefully there is a good team to do the good work of rescue and rehabilitation

Neycho T.
Neycho T7 years ago

Some years ago a guy named A. Hitler used controled gas emissions to restrain humans. I don't really know why my brain made the link!

Dia Bryan
Dia Bryan7 years ago

i don't trust these people. anyone who's able to, keep looking out for stuff like this.

Hans. T.
Hans. T.7 years ago

Het Aantal Mensen op de Wereld Loopt de spuigaten Uit , waardoor talloze diersoorten onderspit delven Het

Helena V.
Helena Verissimo7 years ago

I am a big fan of turtles, every week-end, in my free-time, I have the pleasure to take care of five wonderful turtles that were starving to death. I am very pleased because now they are big and no more blind ( they are in an artificial lake that was never cleaned before ) . Unfortunately in Portugal animals are things and they are not respected.
Maria Helena Veríssimo

Candilla Berment
Candilla Berment7 years ago

this is great news, thank God we are able to save at least one species

Rhonda Lawford
Rhonda lawford7 years ago

great news. hope that the oil spill keeps contained

KangHan Weng
KangHan Weng7 years ago

good news!