No, What Trump Is Doing Isn’t Normal

We are just days into the Donald Trump presidency, and to say that this is not normal governing is an understatement.

Within just three working days in the Oval Office, the new president has undone a decade of policies regarding international funding, immigration, trade and the environment, all via executive orders.

He has announced a federal hiring freeze that could have the most impact on veterans and the elderly as government agencies remain understaffed. He continues to promote right wing media outlets as true purveyors of news and reiterates that mainstream channels like CNN are fake. And now he has announced intentions to have a full-fledged investigation into “voter fraud” that everyone outside of InfoWars knows does not really exist.

No, none of this is normal, and it’s only getting worse.

While Trump’s mass of executive orders have dominated the news this week, they are only the tip of the iceberg regarding just how much this new administration differs from the previous one – or, frankly, any in American history. While a federal hiring freeze was a known possibility in electing the Republican to office, few expected that his first action would be to put a literal gag order on all of those who still remain in their jobs.

“Multiple federal agencies have told their employees to cease communications with members of Congress and the press, sources have told The Huffington Post,” the Huffington Post reports. “The freeze has startled aides on the Hill and people at those agencies, who worry that it could abruptly upend current operations and stifle work and discussions that routinely take place between branches of government.”

The move has been spun as being “not unusual when an administration changes” according to Trump spokespeople, but this gag order is extensive, controlling not just press contact and interaction with policy makers but even extends to these agencies’ social media accounts, too.

If this informational blackout is one disturbing event, the federal approach to dealing with protesters on Inauguration Day is just as alarming. After protests in downtown D.C. turned into incidents of property damage, police – allegedly without any warnings – bottle necked and corralled 200 people in the area and charged all of them†with “felony rioting,” which could mean up to 10 years in jail and a $25,000 fine.

All people in the area received the same charge, whether they were reporters, those destroying property or marchers just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The message? Don’t gather, or you too could be fined and jailed if any one in your vicinity breaks the law – yes, not even if you are there as a member of the media.

As for his dealings with the press, that remains just as unchanged as before he took the oath of office. He continues to belittle CNN on Twitter while praising Fox News (and the fact that he is still using his personal Twitter – and retweeting himself from the official presidential account†- is bizarre to say the least). His press secretary moves first to friendly outlets – including the Christian Broadcasting Network – then lies about the most rudimentary of facts.

“Many Washington journalists have known Spicer for years and were relieved that he would become the press secretary,” writes the New Yorker. “But going to work for Trump comes at a cost. Yesterday was Day Four of the Trump Administration, and Spicer has already been sent out by the President to lie about trivial matters of crowd sizeóand to defend a policy of committing war crimes. This isnít normal.”

No, this isn’t normal. Nor is it normal for government officials to call blatant untruths “alternative facts,” or for the White House to turn off its comment line. It’s not normal for the president to say he may be “sending the Feds” in to “help” Chicago because he has decided that their homicide rate is now too high, or that he needs to “investigate voter fraud” just in New York and California.

No, none of this is normal. And it is up to us to make sure it never does become normal by fighting back.

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Siyus C
Siyus Copetallus8 months ago

Thank you for sharing

Marie W
Marie W9 months ago

Thank you for sharing

George L
George L11 months ago


chris b
chris B11 months ago

Of course it's not normal. But that's what Tfrump voters wanted. Unfortunately that's what we all got. Just makes us fight even harder for our rights and what is right.

Mariana L
Mariana L11 months ago

Thanks for sharing

Peggy B
Peggy B11 months ago

Janne O ......... Whinny? I remember for the last eight years it was the GOP whining and blocking everything that would improve our lives. I am NOT a democrat. I do not identify with any political party as they are both corrupt. I am part of the 62% of Americans that do not cater to a party, but are fighting for our country. ANY elected official that doesn't fight for the good of ALL the citizens will not get my vote. I lived in Europe for 23 years and I watched them exceeded the US in all categories because they don't allow corporations to rule them. I moved back to US this year and I don't recognize it now. Our education level has fallen, everything costs more than ever before without the increase in wages. In 1994 the US had one of the highest minimum wages in the developed world, it now has one of the lowest. Energy prices are higher, food prices are higher than Europe. There's one thing different and that is the corporations and elite are now running the country and they aren't in the EU. Walmart tried to buy up several chain stores, but were stopped because they wouid be a monopoly. They were allowed a certain amount of stores like all the other chains. The internet and cell phone costs in the UK is more than 50% lower than the US because there is no monopoly which allows the small companies to compete. Capitalism has taken on a new meaning in the US which is only for the 1% now. If you think that finding all of this unjust is whining, then

Mary B
Mary B11 months ago

This is not a game where you can go home and high 5 each other and say WE WON so Get Over it. Those who are calling the liberals whiners and cry babies are showing us who the real cry babies are because they dont even grasp yet what they have done and what they will be held accountable for. This is about long term policy changes that affect peoples lives, eco system damage that is not repairable in any short time span. And those who are for these kinds of changes are those who think money is more important than anything else. They are the ones who are foaming at the mouth in their satisfaction at getting revenge on the liberals , with no thought of who or what else will be harmed. There are indeed changes that need to be made to help the working class people but it won't come from Trump and his cabinet . Bisinesses aren't in business to help. They are there to make profits for themselves.Why anyone would think the 2 models are interchangeable is what's not normal. Along with Trumps dysfuctional thinking, that only works if your a kid but not running a world sized government. You people are just plain dead wrong.

Renata B
Renata B11 months ago

Just signed a petition to ask our Government to deny him an official visit to the UK: he would embarrass the queen (and many more than that woman for sure!).
Until he decides to nuke the Middle East and then there will be nothing else to do. Thank you US for this precious gift. Trump is not the problem, the problem is those who voted for him and still now arrogantly support him. Just stop a moment to think (if you are able to think) and honestly (!! in spite of the alternate facts) ask yourself: is this right? Just think of only 80 years ago ... in Europe ...

Danuta W
Danuta W11 months ago

Thanks for the article.

Julia R
Julia R11 months ago

Donald Trump is a delusional man who is becoming more like a fascist dictator every day! He is very reminiscent of Mussolini or even Hitler! It is a crime that he was elected to such a high office! Even though he use deceit, lies, and connections with a foreign government, people still should have seen this man for what he was! It is a rotten shame that we have so many people who elected such a hateful and despicable man who shouldn't even be allowed to work for a federal agency let alone be the President of the U.S.! He won't be happy until he completely destroys our Democracy and all the values that we hold so dear unless people finally wisen up and see him for what he was! Wake up people! This man is taking more of your liberties and what you hold dear every day!