NOM’s International Anti-Gay Starbucks Campaign Fails


The National Organization for Marriage’s international campaign to damage Starbucks over it’s marriage equality support is a dud if NOM’s new pledge numbers are anything to go by.

Reports On Top Magazine:

A week after the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the nation’s most vociferous opponent of gay marriage, took its “Dump Starbucks” campaign abroad, the number of new people pledging to avoid Starbucks shops and its retail products has barely increased.

Approximately 2,000 new pledges, or less than 300 per day, were recorded on the group’s website since it expanded its online ad campaign to the Middle East, Indonesia and China. The campaign gathered 30,000 pledges during its initial U.S. only phase, or roughly 1,500 pledges per day.

Not only that, but LGBT rights groups in China created a counter-petition asking Chinese citizens to support Starbucks for backing marriage equality. In total, twenty-seven groups reportedly lent their support to the campaign and it is said to be still gathering momentum.

The embattled National Organization for Marriage was left reeling a few weeks ago after the Human Rights Campaign secured internal documents that showed NOM’s race-baiting, international strategy.

The US anti-Starbucks campaign has also been disastrous for NOM given that Starbucks sales have remained steady since CEO Howard Schultz said that the company supported Washington’s marriage equality law.


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Image used under the Creative Commons Attribution License with thanks to Mykl Roventine.


connie h.
connie h.5 years ago

In the vernacular I believe this is refered to as an EPIC FAIL. If Starbucks hadn't have gone broke in Australia, and I could find one, I'd definite buy all my caffeine beverages from them, if only to stick it to NOM. (OM NOM NOM)

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

Hate groups are going DOWN and that includes the Catholic/Christian ones, the GOP/KKK
and Neo-Nazis, Ted Nugent, and all people who hate women and dogs.

J.L. A.
JL A5 years ago

Hate isn't supposed to win in an ideal world.......

Sandy Erickson
Sandy Erickson5 years ago

I have the right to be anti-gay!

Lyn B.
Lyn B5 years ago


John Duqesa
Past Member 5 years ago

Good news.

P B.
P B5 years ago

LOL! This was absurd from the git-go, how many of the signatories were big Starbucks patrons to begin with, or even have one within a 10-mile radius? Silly things! Empty threat, pick on a huge well-known company to elevate your fringe hate group. Starbucks' ethics and morals run circles around NOM, they could learn a lesson or two about how to do the right thing from the company they chose to boycott. Starbucks is raising money to lend to grassroots businesses and non-profits to build up as opposed to trickle down. How many NOM corporate members/backers treat their employees as well as Starbucks treats theirs? There's the litmus, right there.

Liam S.

I've begun drinking coffee because of this.

Suzy D.
Reverend Suzy D5 years ago

Why can`t NOM be more wholesome and just wake up and smell the coffee !

David du Plessis
David du Plessis5 years ago

Given that they're losing their battles hand-over-foot, perhaps this organization needs to join forces with another bunch of losers; One Million Moms. How about One Million Noms?