North Carolina Passes Amendment 1

Today North Carolina voters passed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage via a statewide ballot measure.

Steve Williams‘ has had excellent coverage of the fight, which includes most recently claims of election fraud and racist motivations driving the ban.

North Carolina already had a statute banning gay marriage but has now adopted a broader, vaguer ban that threatens domestic partnership protections for all couples and closes the door to any sort of same-sex unions.

“The fight goes on,” Human Rights Campaign spokesman Paul Guequierre said. The group was heavily involved in the anti-amendment Coalition to Protect North Carolina’s Families. “This is a temporary setback. Public opinion is quickly shifting toward equality and it’s only a matter of time until we achieve full equality under the law.”

And as if to prove the point, the vote came as new polls show an ever-growing acceptance of marriage equality.

Photo from firemedic58 via flickr.


Jemila Aiken
Jemila Aiken5 years ago

this is my ome state and i really wanted them to allow gay marriage to bad NC is mostly republican which i ind weird because almost everybody i know is a democrat or liberal

Barbara K.
Barbara K6 years ago

Yes- North Carolina the home of Jesse Helms-(Mass murder,hypocrite,nincompoop!!) Need I say more. My home State-I love it but politically I'm usually embarrassed by most of the "native sons."

janet T.
janet t6 years ago

@ Steve R. There are some things that are more important than the right of 51% of the people to vote on it. Would you like it if 51% of the people of your state were to vote a One Child policy and say how many children you can have? Or perhaps they will get together and decide that you are in the wrong profession, or live in the wrong neighborhood. That has happened before, it could happen again. And don't say it can't happen here, it already has in some instances.

Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

The anti-equality crowd always quotes "Marriage is between one man and one woman" always. Does this include; the Mormons, one man and 4 or 5 women. One man and one woman and another woman, and another woman (Gingrich, Reagan) and so on. So, this should mean when you marry one woman and one man that's the end of it, no divorce. That is religiously, and literally speaking.

Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

Nyack, Two 'dang yeas for you along with two green stars. Them thar bleedin harts want equalty, dang me! Jeez, the stupidest of the stupid on this site.

Chris M.
Chris M6 years ago

Another misinformed hate filled comment by our resident homophobe Steve R. But of course he won't see this comment because he's a troll of the worst kind...he spews his ignorant crap and then hides from responses...what a pitiful human. It's 30 states idiot. And so what. All that tells me is there are 30 states in the US that have a long way to go to fully protecting all of its citizens and that is almost as pitiful as you are.

Kenny West
Kenny Wes6 years ago

All this means is the states that have passed this amendment have more homophopes and biggots than Gay people, and the people that are neither, don't care enough to come out and vote. You watch what happens this Nov.

Rob Keenan
Rob Keenan6 years ago

"Constitutional Amendments should be used to expand freedom,not restrict it."- Coretta Scott King.

I'm a straight American,Sandy E.,who stands with my gay American brothers and sisters,many who serve defending our nation and who pay the same taxes as straights,in their quest to finally be FULLY recognized as U.S Citizens. I WILL vote for President Obama to save us from those who want to subject us under a Theocracy.

As to the "Traditional "Marriage crowd: it used to be "traditional," including in North Carolina,for African American spouses to be split up for sale to their new masters. Then it used to be "traditional" for couples to marry ONLY within their own race,often enforced at the end of a rope.In that light,"traditional" ain't all that cool after all.

Steve R.
Steve R6 years ago

Well dang - I guess all of the bleeding hearts will write this off to NC being just another ignorant conservative stronghold, right?

However - seeing as how NC is in the company of more than 40 other states that have banned same sex marriage, are we to conclude that 4/5 of the country is also a conservative stronghold?

Take a look at the map:

Elaine Pequegnat
Elaine Pequegnat6 years ago

Sad. The fight goes on.