Norway Designers Ban Fur

Norway made a historic announcement earlier this month that didn’t receive the fanfare it deserved when the country declared it would ban fur from Oslo Fashion Week in February.  


This made Norway the first of the many nations that host “fashion weeks” to make this monumental decision.


The announcement was very good news for animals that are cruelly slaughtered for the pleasure of the fur industry – especially since December 2010 has been an extremely insensitive month for the cause.


There have been at least two incidents this holiday season that drew worldwide attention when political figures draped themselves in fur. 


First there was a Christmas card mailed from Canadian MP Justin Trudeau to his constituents that featured his family covered in a blanket made from coyote fur.  And on Christmas day, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Cornwall made the news when both of the women donned hats made from fox fur.


Each of these events was criticized by the public and animal rights organizations, but they also reflected an underlying sentiment that wearing fur is acceptable.


But now with the good news about the Oslo Fashion Week ban, maybe this belief will begin to change forever.


The organizers of Oslo Fashion Week announced their decision after they signed a petition that was started by Norwegian animal rights group NOAH.  The organization collected signatures from more than 200 designers, models, photographers and journalists.


NOAH also hosted a peaceful candlelight vigil in November protesting the fur industry.  The event was attended by over 4,000 supporters.


In addition, Norway made their decision thanks to input from fur-free designer Fam Irvoll who was a central figure behind the ban.


“It has been a very natural choice for us because we do not want the OFW (Oslo Fashion Week) to appear as an arena in which to promote products based on the treatment of animals [as] prohibited by animal welfare concerns in several countries,” said Paul Vasbotten, the general manager of OFW.


Now it is up to the other countries that host “fashion weeks” to step up to the plate and continue to ban fur from the catwalk.


Creative Commons - Don Fulcom


Karen Hammons
Karen Hammons6 years ago

Very very GOOD Norway. Proud of you just hope the rest of the world well follow.

Pat L.
Pat L6 years ago

@colleen p.: Don't know if you're a troll, but designers don't use animals that have been run over. The title of this article is Norway DESIGNERS Ban Fur. Try to stay on topic and not be ridiculous. We are celebrating the Norway Designers.

colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago

does it affect taxidermists? like if a zoo wolf dies, nobody can stuff it? or if a fox gets run over? if they try to ban all fur?

Edmond C.
Edmond C6 years ago

Merci à la Norvège

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

Wonderful! -- and in a country where wearing fur might actually make sense, since it's so cold. Congrats, Norway.

Seda A.
Seda A.7 years ago

Great News. Thanks Norway.

Angelika Stratiichuk

I congratulate you, Norway!

Edeltraud 'Tama F.


Micheal Ping
Micheal p7 years ago

BIG Green Stat for you Norway

Marilyn Pumphrey
Marilyn Pumphrey7 years ago

I started Newfoundlanders Against the Seal Hunt (NASH) twenty years ago and I'm delighted with Norway's decision to ban the use of animal fur in their designs. Let's hope it's the start of a universal movement.