Nothing Can Keep Teacup the Dwarf Bunny From Hopping

Teacup, a sweet dwarf rabbit weighing roughly six pounds, was found injured and unable to walk in Central Park earlier this year.

After finding the little bunny, a kind person saw that he was hurt and took him to Animal Care and Control in Manhattan. Unable to undertake the medical care themselves, the group called Linda Thibault, the founder of Hopalong Hollow Rabbit Rescue in Norwalk, Connecticut. Thankfully, she welcomed Teacup into her care.

Hopalong Hollow has existed for 15 years now, focusing on smaller animals — mostly rabbits and hamsters. And this isn’t the first time they’ve received a call from Manhattan to help out a rabbit.

Since Teacup seemed unable to use his back legs, the rabbit was taken to a vet. When x-rays showed that the rabbit had a completely broken back, Linda thought she knew what was in store. After all, Hopalong Hollow has several rabbits who aren’t able to walk, and they’ve cared for about 12 rabbits with broken backs since their founding.

Although all these animal have still been loving, wonderful creatures, none ever regained the ability to walk. And that’s what Hopalong Hollow expected for this little bunny.

When caretakers brought Teacup back to the rescue, he was bright and alert — a bit of a surprise for a rabbit who had experienced such a terrible injury. Teacup received supportive care, and staff confined him to a small area to minimize any movement that might worsen his injury.

Settling in for a long recovery, Linda kept a close eye on him. Three weeks later, Teacup began to move his back legs. After some basic physical therapy, he began to slowly regaining strength.

Then one day, an amazing thing happened: Teacup stood up.

Even though he fell right back down, Hopalong Hollow caretakers were astounded. This courageous and determined little rabbit wasn’t going to let a broken back stop him from hopping.

Now, just four months after he was found alone, broken and at the mercy of predators in Central Park, Teacup is walking again, defying all expectations. Although his movements are a little off-kilter, the bunny can move around and explore on his own.

It will likely take a month or more before Teacup is fully recovered and ready to go to a good home. Even so, Linda plans to put him up for adoption once he’s ready.

This stubborn bunny with a sweet, outgoing personality will always be somewhat fragile, though, so he will need a gentle home where he won’t get jostled or dropped — probably with adults only. And fair warning: Teacup has gotten used to a certain amount of luxury, preferring to sleep on flannel blankets — but it seems safe to say that he deserves it.


Marie W
Marie W1 months ago

Thank you for sharing.

Margie FOURIE6 months ago

Oh he deserves it. Cute.

earthism i
earthism info6 months ago

happy teacup

Tanya W
Tanya W6 months ago

How wonderful 🐰...may Teacup find a loving forever home🐇

heather g
heather g6 months ago

Thank you. Canadians in BC also dump pet rabbits in forests and parks, especially after Easter. So cruel and thoughtless.

W. C
W. C6 months ago

Thank you.

FOTEINI chormpou6 months ago

I'm so happy for TEACUP! I hope find a good family soon!

Lisa M
Lisa M6 months ago

Thanks for sharing!

Lisa M
Lisa M6 months ago

So thankful for Linda and her wonderful rabbit rescue group!!

Ruth S
Ruth S6 months ago