Now St. Petersburg Proposes Anti-Gay Law

Two regions of Russia — Arkhangelsk and Ryazan — have passed laws banning what they call gay ‘propaganda.’ The laws have been deemed constitutional by Russian courts despite the chilling of free speech and the attack on LGBT organizing and ability to protest that they represent.

Now the St Petersburg region wants to introduce a similar law.

The proposed law, introduced on November 11 in the legal committee of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, prohibits so-called propaganda of ‘sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism, and pedophilia to minors.’ The bill was introduced by Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party.

Says Polina Savchenko, General manager of LGBT organization Coming Out, Russia:

“By combining homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality into one law with sexual crimes against minors (pedophilia), members of the Legislative Assembly indulge in gross manipulations of public opinion. Their goal – to pass an anti-democratic law, directed at severely limiting human rights in St. Petersburg.”

“In the name of ‘public interest,’ members of the Legislative Assembly decided to ignore the Federal law, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention for Human Rights, Council of Europe Recommendations and other decrees by international organizations, of which Russia is a member. However, no public discussions were held.”

“It is also obvious that adoption of this law violates interests and rights of minors. Russia leads the world in the number of teenage suicides, and ignoring the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity can lead to tragic consequences.”

“This bill is absurd, both in terms of legal logic, and in terms of plain common sense. So what is the real goal? It is clear that adoption of this law would impose significant limitations on the activities of LGBT organizations. Organizers of public events cannot restrict access of minors to any open area; people under 18 can be there just by chance. Consequently, it makes any public campaigns aimed at reducing xenophobia and hate crime prevention impossible.”

St Petersburg is home to numerous groups: the only interregional LGBT organization “Russian LGBT Network,” the largest grassroots LGBT organization Coming Out, the LGBT festival Side by Side; and other LGBT groups.

Savchenko believes that the LGBT movement in Russia has become now become so noticeable that “the homophobic government can no longer ignore its existence. The state attempts to destroy LGBT organizations using legal framework and to discredit them in the minds of the people.”

She suggests that there is a real possibility that such a law will follow on the Federal level.


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Morgan McDowell
Morgan McDowell6 years ago

Yes the laws are stupid over in Russia, but if you go over there follow the laws! Simple as that, don't be a Maddona!

Vernon C.
.7 years ago


I believe in God & the Bible. The Bible says that God says that homosexuality is a sin & an abomination. Who is Christopher or Catt or whoever to tell me different. Just because some psychologist say so? When I die & go before God & have to answer for MY life, do I tell him that I rejected what he said because Christopher or Catt or the American Association of Psychologists told me that He was wrong & they are right?

I would deserve to be sent to the deepest parts of hell for such a stupid excuse. God blessed me with intelligence. I will use that intelligence to support him & laud his name. Not to support homosexuals or man's selfish sexual perversions. Nor to look for ways to wriggle out of the laws & rules that God set for us to follow.

Vernon C.
.7 years ago

Catt R

You are being just as silly as Christopher. There is no need to nitpick & give childish arguments when we all know that Sodom & Gomorrah were destroyed for homosexuality. God never nitpicked when it came to homosexuality. He said clearly in Leviticus 18:22 "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination".

Look, if you want to go the route that so many prefer to go when they want to defend their actrions & their lifestyles, & say that God is not real or that what he say in the Bible do not matter, then you can go that route. But do not tell falsehoods on God or say that he stands for something which he states clearly is wrong. It is better if you just do like all the other homosexuals & simply reject him & his ideals so that you can enjoy the few short years you have remaining on this earth guilt-free as you sleep & have sex with whoever you please. Just leave the Bible alone & stop misrepresenting it with a lot of ignorance & stupidity.

We all know that men sleeping with other men is wrong. Sure you can be rebellious & go against what you know to be true, but that do not make it right. Do what ever you please. That is your right. But do not attack us who prefer to do & maintain what is right. I have MY life to live & MY destiny to think about. You all may not view yours as very important so you can afford to play games. For me this is not a game. I believe in God & the Bible. The Bibl

Catt R.
Catt R7 years ago

or even surender the little children and let them be known unto me (the priests favorite).... are you saying Christ was a pedophile.... I certainly do not think he was.

Catt R.
Catt R7 years ago

Christopher.... they get a little less puffed up with their selves after you point out that either they are calling Christ a homosexual or just might have misunderstood..... how many times does it say the Christ was known unto the disciples in the bible??? I am sure the concept that EVERY time it says knew/known etc, it means sex is an error, but you have to get brutal to get them to accept there is any chance they themselves are imperfect, like the rest of humanity.

Vernon C.
.7 years ago


So in Gen:19, he sent the angels. Now what did the angels do? They went to Lots house where there was the incident. What was the incident? The men of the town tried to "get to know them". The townsmen even tried to break down the door & the angels blinded them (Gen:19:11).

Ok, so what was the reason for the angels visiting Sodom again? To investigate the sin that was so great in Sodom. So did the angels investigate the sin? What did they tell Lot after the incident?

Gen19:12-13 says that they said: "Hast thou here any besides? son in law, and thy sons, and thy daughters, and whatsoever thou hast in the city, bring them out of this place:
For we will destroy this place, because the cry of them is waxen great before the face of the LORD; and the LORD hath sent us to destroy it."

This means that the Angels had seen enough. Investigations was closed. They had found out what they came to find out. The great sin that God had heard about was proven. And it wasnt to be introduced to the townsmen.

Gen 19:15 says that as soon asthe angels woke up the next morning they hurried Lot & his family out of the city. As I said, no more investigations.

So I think that it is YOU Christopher who are trying to brainwash people with a lot of nonsense. Try reading & understanding what you read instead of putting your spin on it.

Vernon C.
.7 years ago


You are being silly. Genesis 19:5 says "And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them"

So what was Lots reply? He said in Gen 19:8 "Behold now, I have two daughters which have not known man; let me, I pray you, bring them out unto you, and do ye to them as is good in your eyes: only unto these men do nothing; for therefore came they under the shadow of my roof".

What father in his right mind will give his two virgin daughters to a group of men for the men to "do ye to them as is good in your eyes: only unto these men do nothing", if the group of men only wanted to meet & know the strangers in a friendly manner?

I mean, if I came to your house to visit & the men from your neighborhood came & ask you to introduce me to them, would you instead say "Otr course not. Look I have 2 virgin 16yr old daughters. I want all of you to gang rape them instead & do whatever you all want with them. But I will not introduce Vernon to you!"


But let us go back to Genesis 18:20. God said that the sin against Sodom was great. What sin was this? Wasit murder, rape, robbery. The whole world wasdoing these sins, so if Sodom did it too then it would be no big deal. In Gen18:21, God said that he would go down to see if what he was hearing was true. Meaning that what he was hearing he could not believe.

So in Gen:19, he sent the angels. Now what did th

Lena T.
Lena T7 years ago

I'm only glad that it is still the majority of people who think that something is wrong with putting homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality and theft in one list.
I can understand perfectly well what feelings we have towards victims of rape, sexual abuse or theft, but what does homosexuality has to do with it? Of course, it is up to each of us to call it right or wrong - t h i s is natural, freedom of opinion and all... Still it's beyond my narrow view to get what makes "homophobes" so aggressive? Do they really feel being abused by homosexuals? Do they feel destructive gay influence on the society? Do gays keep following them in the streets perverting and corrupting their straight correct minds?
Why is it normal that a homosexual's private life becomes a subject of public discussion? Who cares about what straight people do in bed and what "physical and mental flaws" they have?

Concerning demanding more and getting less as a result, I wouldn't call Russian LGBT movement so strong and developed that it's time to reject their endless demands. This is so ridiculous. They haven't received any privileges in the first place, there is nothing the government has given them to proudly and aggrievedly take it away. So it had to come up with accusing gays of "propaganda of immoral practice". Gosh! One peaceful attempt of a gay pride parade a year with a hundred participants will cause the police to make a whole fuss about it with bloody arrests and acts of fake heroism.

I wonder

Carmen S.
Carmen S7 years ago

This is sad, people are people, and who they choose to love is their business.

Robert Hardy
Robert Hardy7 years ago

And the hate continues. Why?