NRA Thinks Same-Sex Domestic Violence is No Big Deal

I didn’t think the National Rifle Association could get any more out of touch. I was so very wrong.

But let’s back up for a second. Apparently, there is a loophole in federal law that allows convicted stalkers and people who abuse their partners but don’t live together or have children together to buy guns. This is clearly something that has to be corrected since 3.4 million people are victims of stalking in the Unites States every year and domestic violence continues to be a top killer among women.

Luckily, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) has introduced legislation that would make it harder for abusers of these types to get their hands on weapons. Yay! The NRA, predictably, has a problem with this. The legislation, known as S.1290, includes language that refers to “dating relationships” and people “similarly situated to a spouse,” which the NRA thinks is a little too gay. According to Think Progress:

Under S. 1290, for example, two men of equal size, strength, and economic status joined by a civil union or merely engaged (or formerly engaged) in an intimate “social relationship,” could be subject to this prohibition for conviction of simple “assault” arising from a single shoving match.

The e-mail also questions the need for including stalkers in federal restrictions, since stalking offenses “do not necessarily include violent or even threatening behavior.”

First thing, NRA, you’re a day late and a dollar short with the whole anti-gay tact. A majority of Americans are accepting of gay and lesbian relationships. Besides that, I don’t think you know what it means to be in an abusive relationship.

I imagine that when NRA-types think about an abusive relationship, they think of a big sweaty guy in a white, sleeveless shirt using his overwhelming power to beat his petite girlfriend/wife into submission. That’s certainly the prevailing image of an abusive relationship, but it’s not the only model. There is emotional manipulation, or the threat of violence may only be implicit, but very much there. Just because a relationship has two men who have roughly the same strength doesn’t mean that one does not regularly hurt the other. In fact, according to a 2010 report from the Centers for Disease Control, 26 percent of gay men, 37 percent of bisexual men, 44 percent of lesbians, and 61 percent of bisexual women have been the victim of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner. Gay men and lesbians need these protections just as much as heterosexual women do.

And let’s get one thing straight right now. To say that stalking doesn’t “necessarily include violence or even threatening behavior” is to wilfully ignore what stalking is and why anti-stalking laws are important. Stalking is just following a person around (although that’s bad in and of itself). Some behaviors that typify stalking are: repeated and unwanted contact by the stalker to the victim; threats to the victim’s family or the victim him or herself; following or lying in wait for the victim; or basically any other behavior that is used to harass, track or threaten the victim. Stalking is threatening behavior.

People in same-sex relationships aren’t a different species. We know the dynamics of an abusive relationship. We know that stalking is used to harass and intimidate whoever the victim happens to be. It’s shameful that loopholes allowing stalkers and certain types of domestic abusers to buy guns have existed for so long. It’s even more shameful to use cultural misunderstandings to keep those loopholes in place.

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Jerome S
Jerome S10 months ago


Jim Ven
Jim Ven10 months ago

thanks for sharing.

Debra Lessard
Debra Lessard3 years ago

David I agree. The NRA has become a domestic terror group in my opinion. Encouraging violence against others is a terrorist act in my book. Take your stand your ground, and open carry and go away. I will never go to those states. I wanted to visit several but not since this BS. Yes I agree women should be the only ones to have guns with a smart grip. Then you men can't use it against us. NRA use to be respectable. Now it is just another lobby telling lies so they can make oh so much money. Stop Ivory use in Guns. A elephants Life is not worth ivory grips. Ornamental uses are not worth any life. Let alone a elephants. NRA encourages gun violence. They need to go away.

Dave C.
David C3 years ago

personally I think the only ones who should be allowed to have guns are women....with trigger locks that respond to their grip only so that the violent men can't turn them against them.......

NRA needs to disappear like the dodo they are......

Debra Lessard
Debra Lessard3 years ago

Linda M. you are oh so right!

Linda McKellar
Past Member 3 years ago

James, you will turn any topic into violence by mothers. Jesus was crucified. Cause, violent mothers. We only see one side of the moon. Cause, violent mothers. Global climate change. Cause, violent mothers. Athlete's foot. Cause, violent mothers. If a man shoots his significant other, WTF does his mother have to do with it? Perhaps he's copying his abusive father. Why was his father violent?...oh yeah, violent mother.
We got your point long ago. We have conceded women can be violent but that's not an excuse for everything a man does. If they had any balls he would take responsibility for his actions & not pass it off on ma, grandma or the family dog.

James Wilcox
James Wilcox3 years ago

@ Nikolas: "The solution is not in giving up your guns its found in getting mothers to take a hard look at how they bring these children up who end up being violent and of course nobody looks at all the violent video games...

Actually there have been multitudes of studies attempting to blame male violence on everything except violent mothers. That was actually at the core of the recent Men's Rights Conference in Detroit. A fact somehow missed by the press.

Nikolas K.
Nikolas K3 years ago

Hmmmmm another campaign to get people to roll over and give up their guns. Australia gave up semi automatics and have laws restricting ownership., result was violent home invasions increased, police shootings and mistreatment of people increased. America keep your guns. The solution is not in giving up your guns its found in getting mothers to take a hard look at how they bring these children up who end up being violent and of course nobody looks at all the violent video games and tv that help children reinforce that its a normal way of life before television the planet lived in a more harmonious manner but of course the bankers were not making the money they do today, so they keep upping the anti with there promotion of violence and wars.. This only ocures because the people give them energy by believing the lies fed to them via media and education. They fail to look at themselves and wake up.

John S.
Past Member 3 years ago

Why have Think Progress tell me what the NRA thinks, couldn't you just tell me what the NRA said?

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H3 years ago

Abuse is abuse, violence is violence - it doesn't matter who it is between. The NRA is incapable of accepting any views but their own.