Nuns Plan Poverty Tour In Response To Vatican Pressure

Dear Catholic Cardinals and Bishops: this is how you do it.

In response to the Vatican and the conservative Catholic Bishop leadership that has threatened to put the American nuns in receivership unless they start spending more time advocating against gay rights and abortion, a group of nuns will hit the road, stopping at homeless shelters, food pantries, schools and health care facilities all run by nuns to highlight their work with the nation’s most vulnerable. The bus tour will stop in nine states and is so far the most visible rebuke of the Catholic leadership by the nuns.

The tour, “Nuns on the Bus: Nuns Drive for Faith, Family and Fairness,” includes stops in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

The nuns will also use the tour to protest cuts in programs for the poor and working families passed by the House of Representatives and spearheaded by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). Ryan pitches his anti-safety net plan as something that is grounded in his faith as a Catholic.

The bus tour will begin on June 18th in Iowa and end on July 2 in Virginia and overlaps with the “Fortnight for Freedom” events planned by the Catholic bishops to rally opposition to the Obama administration’s health care reform law.

It’s worth noting that the bishops also objected to the Ryan plan, so the theological and ideological separation divide exists at who deserves ministry, and on this point the nuns have the upper hand, especially with practicing Catholics. The veracity of the anti-woman, anti-diversity campaign launched by the Catholic Bishops and enabled by the Pope reflect the vile final gasps for relevance by old men in a world that no longer has a place for the kind of power and influence these men peddle. Their complicity in the criminal cover-up and perpetration of decades of child sexual abuse ceded, permanently, any moral footing these men had. The nuns know this, and given the increasingly shrill rhetoric from the Bishops, I’d say they know it too.

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Photo from By April Sikorski from Brooklyn, USA via Wikimedia Commons


Roney W.
Past Member 3 years ago

The blog is good enough I again n again read this. More hints

Aj Ylizaliturri6 years ago

Good for them!

devon leonard
Devon Leonard6 years ago

Wonderful...wonderful...wonderful.... They are true examples of Christ's love... I was jumping up and cheering as I read the story...!! We need more bus loads of Peaceful Positive agents for change....

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Don't mess with the nuns!

michelle B.

God bless the nuns and their tireless work for the poor&sick.

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V6 years ago


Fred F.
Fred F6 years ago

I was raised as a Catholic but my Mother showed us the charitable side of religion. Growing up in a suburb of New York City in the 1960s, I never heard one word, at home, in church or in Sunday school that was hateful and mean spirited. Over many years though, incidents like this one where the nuns are being harassed caused me to leave the church. My belief in God is as strong as ever and I have a fairly strict moral code that I hold myself to, but I can't be part of pushing the right wing agenda as God's will. My beliefs tell me that the right wing agenda is in direct violation of God's will. The right wing have gained control of the church and they pervert and defile it's true meaning just as they do to our government when given power.

Marge D.
Marge D6 years ago

I could not address every post I agreed with nor every post I disagreed with.

I have many issues with the RCC, including not being ordained deacon along with my husband b/c I "failed the physical"! Although, I have the same education as my husband does.

Nevertheless, it is the women of the Church, and primarily, the professed religious sisters that have lived out the gospel... Not to say that some very holy men have not.

I have deleted most of what I have written, b/c I rambled on about my aunt that was professed religious for 52 years. My aunt worked for a pittance that went to her order for the care of ALL the sisters... those able to work and those unable to work.

All the sisters I have know (and there are many), did the work they were given to do for the greater glory of God.

Now women have many other choices they can make about their lifestyles. So maybe there aren't as many women joining religious orders, but those that do are just as committed to working for the gospel as were women of earlier times.

Let them keep doing the work of Jesus... When all the hierarchy dies off... God will sort it out....


Don't mess with me I was taught by nuns!

Don't mess with the nuns that taught me!

john casablanca
john casablanca6 years ago

Forget about Pope Benedict XVI, he should have learned some lessons from
Pope John Paul II, instead of buying $ 5000.00 slippers for himself.
God bless the nuns and all they do. And receive so little support from the male
dominated hierarchy. God knows who is doing right and wrong. And, it is not
the Bishops or Pope.
I am a Roman Catholic male who believes in fairness for "ALL".

NO ANY FW to me Rumbak
ANA MARIJA R6 years ago

Thank you.