NYC Schools Offer Plan B To Students

There’s a pilot program underway in 13 New York City schools that is sure to make conservatives cry that liberals are turning teenagers into sex-crazed delinquents.

Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive Health, or CATCH
, is aimed at clipping teen pregnancy rates, which simultaneously improves girls achievement and graduations rates since pregnancy causes many girls to drop out. The program targets selected schools in poorer districts without health care centers. The program allows teenagers to access Plan B in 13 schools and if successful the city plans to implement it citywide. According to the New York City Board of Health parents can “opt out” of the program, but so far only 1 or 2 percent have chosen to do so.

The program was first launched last year with five schools. In those five schools just under 5 percent of the 12,000 girls enrolled in those schools were given the Plan B prescription.

To enroll in the program school officials send letters to parents informing them of the availability of contraception. If they do not check a box letting the school know it is not to distribute contraceptives to their child, the student can access the drugs without any additional parental permission. Parents are given about a month to respond and opt out.

It’s an expansion of contraceptive services already available. Students already have access to condoms, but this now gives them access to Plan B, hormonal birth control pills and later this fall, Depo-Provera, an injectable form of birth control.

Of course, had the Obama administration not reversed course on an earlier decision to make Plan B available over-the-counter and without a prescription. According to the Board of Health, 7,000 girls under age 17 got pregnant last year throughout New York City and 90 percent of those pregnancies were unplanned. Of those, 64 percent were aborted and approximately 2,200 teenage girls became mothers by age 17. The New York City school system is doing the right thing by making sure its students have access to contraception, including emergency contraception. It’s just a shame it falls to them to do it.


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Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Thanks for the information.

Linda O.
Linda Owen5 years ago

I think this is a very responsible thing to do. Thanks for sharing.

Patricia H.
Patricia H.5 years ago

thanks for posting

Robert Pavlick
Robert Pavlick5 years ago

Over the last 50 years, we have become totally accepting of the 50% unwed mother birth rate in this country and we make excuses for it and make it appear as normal and OK. Well, it's not normal and it's NOT OK. It is irresponsible and destructive to the lives of the victims, the poor children who are the results of this bad behavior, who are often abused and neglected.

We make cigarette smokers feel like drug addicts and criminals and make no bones about making them feel totally and socially unacceptable. We even blame them for the deaths of others via second hand smoke.

We need to do the same with unprotected sex and sex without benefit of marriage. Children should not be having children; they are totally unqualified to be parents and have no means of supporting their children other than government handouts. Not to mention the fact that these young people are spreading social diseases; many of which are fatal.

Perhaps each "morning after pill" handed out by the public school systems, should be attached to a large bubble wrap card which reads: "The Surgeon General has determined that unprotected sex WILL lead to fatal social diseases."

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

The problem of teen pregnancy has many solutions....distribution of Plan B is just one...but it's a valid one and needs to continue.

Karen Howard
Karen H5 years ago

Young people need sex education. Plan B is a short-term solution; kids need to learn about sex and pregnancy. Yes, there are still kids who think anything short of penis penetration is not sex. Wrong. The sperm can get where it ain't supposed to be without penetration.
I talked to a teenage girl who asked about "my thing". It took quite a few questions to figure out she was talking about her period. If she doesn't know about that, I wonder what else she doesn't know.
Look at all the kids sexting without knowing (or caring about) the repercussions.
First and foremost, we need education, then the young people can make informed decisions.
Right now girls are taught it's THEIR responsibility to use birth control, & if they get pregnant, it's THEIR fault. Boys are taught (primarily by media example) that being "a man" involves having as much sex with as many females as possible & fathering as many babies as they can--without taking any responsibility.

Heather M
Heather Marvin5 years ago

Children need to be taught and shown respect for themselves and for others, first and foremost. If you truly respect yourself you wont allow people to use you nor use others.

Rebekah O'brien
Rebekah O'Brien5 years ago

Kandice B...I totally agree with you! Handing out Plan B to teenagers is just giving them a free for all! Once an egg is fertilized, it's a it or not.Everyone who thinks there's not a God, and you will not have consequences for your actions here on Earth better be right, because if ther is a God, and if there is Heaven and Hell, you're in for a hot eternity!

Kandice B.
Kandice B5 years ago

Am I the only one who feels as if this is more of a promotion for sex rather than a hinderance of "not to do it?" I mean yes..they have access to condoms..but if they have acess to birth control all you are doing is adding fuel to the fire. Intially, telling them.."Girl's its okay to have sex as long as you are protected.." Since this "system" is called "Plan B" one can only assume it also includes the morning after do teenage girls know they can have sex and should the pill NOT work then they can come to the school and get the pill to abort any misgivings they may have accidently done the night before..instilling in them that it's not okay to get pregnant...on the weekeneds! *smh. The other thing that highly concerns me is the fact that this article doesn't say whether or not the schools are teaching them ANYTHING about the nature of their sexual encounters such as the OTHER more detrimental consquences of their sexual impluses- STDS/HIV/AIDS...?! Typically I don't side with consevatives on issues but it would appear to me that if the ONLY thing schools are doing is handing out birth control and not EDUCATING them about the after effects of their decisions..then YES they are absolutely creating sexual deviants! On another note though the parents need to get their heads out of their asses and realize they have a responsibilty- to make sure their children are being safe and that they KNOW what sex is about factually and not just matter of factually...

Nils Lunde
PlsNoMessage se5 years ago