Obama and Democratic National Committee Raise $68 Million Together

It may not be quite as much as they managed to fund raise in the third quarter of 2011, but the Obama reelection campaign and the Democratic National Committee have announced that together, the two groups raised $68 million for the final three months of the year.

Roll Call reports, “‘We had another strong quarter, and we continue to have more people giving to this campaign than any other in history,’ Obama campaign manager Jim Messina wrote in an email to supporters today.”

The two organizations’ number is about $2 million shy of their total the previous quarter, but still is an impressive haul.  Still, as Politico notes, it’s not as much as the Bush campaign and RNC raised together at the end of 2003.

According to Messina, $42 million goes to the Obama reelection fund, $24 million to the DNC, and the rest to a fund dedicated to winning swing state elections.



photo credit: Chuck Kennedy, White House Photostream


Nancy L.
Nancy L6 years ago

OBAMA LOVERS - Look this up - it's right there for anyone to see. George Soros, head of the Brazilian company who is getting the aircraft contract, was a big contributer to Obama's 2008 campaign. I'm angry - there are Americans who can do the job and who need the work. Seriously - are you going to look it up or fluff this one off?

Andrea Hoyt
Andrea Hoyt6 years ago

Why??? Why, when he's already the president and we all know who he is and what he's about, would they need to raise that obnoxious amount of money??!!!! This money should be put right back into our ailing economy! Use it to pass legislation to make insurance companies roll back their fees and cap em off for cripes sakes! There doesn't appear to be a republican candidate that can beat him anyway!

Chad A.
Chad Anderson6 years ago

Why can't the Democrats differentiate themselves by exchewing money politics and represent real people instead!

Dr Clue
Dr Clue6 years ago

In the end about the only big difference between the GOP and the DNC is that the latter will at least kiss me first.

Donna S.
Donna Smallwood6 years ago

Well, I look at it this way, Obama's not perfect! But... at least with him my family and I have a chance to even HOPE for healthcare, education, and social benefits if I happen to need them. I look at all the FRUITCAKES and ABUSIVE GOOD OLE BOYS who have no respect for anyone or anything except whatever hairbrained GREEDY scheme they are working on at the moment, and it scares me MORE than RELIGION ever did to think they would be RUINING...uhhh "running" the country again. Since there are no VERY STRONG independent candidates who could eventually overcome the GOOD OLE BOYS, I'll have to vote for Obama; just like in Egypt, they don't really WANT the Muslim Brotherhood, but they don't have anyone else ready to take over and control the military!

Lin Moy
Lin M6 years ago

If they can raise this much money for talking then why can't they raise money to help "our country" which needs it worse than we need hearing all their hot air and lying promises?

Mark Marino
Mark Marino6 years ago

There hasn't been a bright spot in our economy since the attempted assassination of Andrew Jackson for trying to abolish the Federal Reserve. Every President and Congress, since, has done nothing to solve this problem. Look up Agenda 21, because the economic depression is global.

Audrey B.
Audrey B6 years ago

Obama should just donate the re-election money that he raises and put it to the debt that he put us in, a little chunk towards the trillions, but we will take it, its a start.

Rob Keenan
Rob Keenan6 years ago

Bush features among Democrats,Steve R.And keep in mind what the current Republican frontrunner and probable nominee advocated in 2009: letting the U.S auto industry go bankrupt.Instead it was rescued,saving millions of jobs and is now one of the real bright spots in our economy.Is that what you mean by Obama being a failure,Steve R?

Theresa G.
T G6 years ago

Hmmm. So which Black Project is this money going to be scurried/stolen to?