Obama Says We Will Win The Fight Against AIDS (VIDEO)


President Obama spoke today, World AIDS Day, on the status of AIDS in America and to encourage all Americans to keep fighting because we will win against HIV/AIDS — but the fight is not over. He shares painful statistics on the spread of infection in the United States, but do not forget HIV/AIDS is a global issue, with an estimated 33.3 million infected worldwide. We’ve got to do more.

Learn as much as you can. Don’t feed into the social stigma. Connect with an organization. Use your voice. Get tested. Know your status. Let’s stand together and fight HIV/AIDS.


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Natalia S.
Natalia S.6 years ago

they make promises but never make them... we'll see if he will do it

Hector R.
Hector R.6 years ago

I voted for him. I Donated money. And saw how he bent to please the corrupted powerful.
I still want to think he is a good guy. But I don't have much hope. He is just a puppet.
If big pharmaceutical companies don't want the cure. He will kiss their butts.

Hunter W.
Hunter W6 years ago

Of course Care2 will only post positive articles about Obama, but no balance. No words on the fact that Obama just legalized horse slaughter for U.S. consumption after he promised not to let such a thing happen?

nancy r.
Nan R6 years ago

I think he will keep his word.

Britin J.
Past Member 6 years ago

Go get 'em Jane! Can't send you a green star (hit the wall again this week)
I, however am old enough to remember when sex started to become DEADLY because of this new disease "GRID" (Gay Related Immune Deficiency)...

Jane Barton
Jane Barton6 years ago

Is everybody on here so young they don't remember how AIDS spread in America? AIDS was discovered in New York and there were only a handful of IV drug users who had it. The government knew about it. It could have been contained right then EXCEPT the CATHOLIC CHURCH would not ALLOW public health officials to TELL PEOPLE TO USE CONDOMS
because the CATHOLIC CHURCH FORBID the USE OF CONDOMS. Also public health officials COULD HAVE given them clean needles like the UK does for heroin addicts but NO.
They let it spread all over America, thanks to the CATHOLIC CHURCH. After that our blood supply got infected and people who were hospitalized, received AIDS blood and died, even NUNS. Doctors and medical people got needle sticks and got AIDS. When the Red Cross was called down on the infected blood supply, a memo was sent out saying that a few deaths was ok with them cause they had no way to test for it. Now after ALL these years the POPE last November FINALLY said it was ok to use condoms but only for medical reasons. The CATHOLIC CHURCH CAUSED ALL THIS DEATH AND SUFFERING because of their stubborness, their stupidity, their holier than thou, arrogant, controlling attitude. And on top of that thousands of years of pedophilia has been going on in the Catholic Church and all the while they were raping little boys in the butt, they were calling THEM GAY. Everything about the Catholic Church and their whole history makes me puke. I worked in a hospital my whole life so I know

Magdalena K.
Past Member 6 years ago


Ellen Mccabe
Ellen m6 years ago

Lwhy is it when such a serious topic as ending this horrific disease comes up there are always those that have to jump in with their anti-gay crap?
We are in for a much longer haul to meet this goal untill,you take your blinders off and put your prejudices aside.
And thank you President Obama. Just wish you'd said more, sooner.

Sylvia M.
Sylvia M6 years ago

It's a serious problem for our country, and nations all around the globe. One way to combat any spread of this disease is of course education-sex education in schools. How to use barrier contraceptives, because calls for teaching abstinence only will not work with teens. Abstinence of course would be preferred, but it is folly and not at all realistic to pretend it will work. We need to arm our youth with all the facts.