Obama Signs National Alzheimer’s Project Act Legislation

Thanks to over 35,000 petition signatures on Care2 and huge efforts for the Alzheimer’s Association, U.S. Congress and President Obama passed the National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA)! 
This legislation will work towards a national plan to overcome the Alzheimer’s epidemic that affects so many people in the U.S.. The number of people affected by Alzheimer’s is growing daily and this legislation is a huge step in helping the Alzheimer’s fight.

Harry Johns, Alzheimer’s Association president and CEO commented,

“The Alzheimer’s Association is pleased that a much-needed plan will now be put into place to address the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease, currently the sixth-leading cause of death in this country. In fact, among the 10 leading causes of death, it is by far the fastest growing- increasing more than 50 percent from 2000 to 2007. Given the devastation experienced by millions of families because of this disease and the staggering economic costs, particularly to Medicare and Medicaid, we must have an effective strategy now.”

The NAPA law will work towards the following, according to Alzheimer’s Weekly:

  • NAPA will lead to the creation of a national strategic plan to overcome the Alzheimer’s disease epidemic. 
  • NAPA will also establish an inter-agency council to work with the Secretary of Health and Human Services to give a full assessment of what needs to be done to address the threat of Alzheimer’s on multiple fronts including care, research and support.
  •  NAPA ensures strategic planning and coordination of the fight against Alzheimer’s across the federal government as a whole.

This legislation is a great step forward in fighting Alzheimer’s disease!

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Victoria M.
Past Member 7 years ago

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Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M7 years ago

Thank You President Obama!!!!
Alzheimers is growing so rapidly, and research needs to be done, especially with an aging population. It is such a heart breaking disease for all families to face.

Liz Thompson
Elisabeth T7 years ago

Thanks for sharing this news..

Dana W.
Dana W7 years ago

I believe a beloved grandmother was afflicted with Alzheimer's and it was sad to see her slipping away. I live in fear that it will happen to me.

Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago

That's a great idea since Alzheimer’s is a huge concern and will only become more of a priority as the baby boomer population ages. Good job Mr. President!

Sylvia B.
Sylvia B7 years ago

Good thinking!

Julie Martineau
Julie Martineau7 years ago

A best plan would be to stop vaccinating people with aluminum and other toxic metals that cause neurodegeneration. Hyperbaric therapy and chelation can be of great health, and also proper nutrition and special diet.

Dean P.
Dean P7 years ago

That's money well spent.

Kerrie W.
Kerrie Waldron7 years ago

Please excuse me for hoping that Alzheimers doesn't suffer the same fate as autism, as the two are "different sides of the same coin"....oxidative stressed bodies/brains (mercury ,other heavy metals,vaccine overloads, PCBs, pesticides and calorie dense malnutrition)......both epidemics, both remediated using nutrition and chelation etc.......while Rome Burns, Bigpharma fiddles (the studies to hide the truth).Too much money at stake.......while "genetic studies" and "drug therapies" sidetrack everyone and things just get worse.

Maria A.
Maria A7 years ago

Thank you Obama! Viva our Presidente!!!!! We are so fortunate to have such a kind, intelligent man as a President. I truly love him!.