Obama Still Can’t Say “Climate Change”

Climate change is a total downer. The topic is so dire and depressing in fact that very few media outlets even want to mention the phrase “climate change” or “global warming.” While that’s not entirely surprising, particularly given the right-wing funding pools of many mainstream media conglomerates (think Fox News), when our own President can’t even put the words climate and change together in a sentence, then there’s a big problem.

This was the case at a recent speech President Obama gave at TPI Composites, a wind-blade manufacturing plant in Newton, Iowa. Obama danced around the issue once again, never saying “pollution,” “climate change,” “greenhouse gases,” “carbon,” or “global warming.” Instead, the President decided to focus on general energy production and the ever-classic front, job creation.  Obviously job creation and energy are important aspects of any prosperous economy, but the fact the President spoke at a wind-blade plant, a plant that ultimately makes and supplies blades for wind turbines, and neglected to mention renewable energy is beyond ironic and very disconcerting.

This blatant omission trend is nothing new for the President. Take his 2012 Earth Day proclamation. Nowhere in that speech is “climate change” or “global warming” mentioned and this is on top of the President’s State of the Union address, which not only touted fracking as a promising source of domestic energy, but also entirely deleted any mention of climate change.

What we need today is an immediate, comprehensive, full-steam-ahead approach to mitigate and, ultimately, adapt to climate change.  The last thing we need is calculated denial and equivocation, especially from our national leader. Other countries are looking to the United States to take positive action against a warming planet, yet we’ve done anything but.

With the Presidential elections right around the corner, Obama is obviously trying to stay away from the hot-button topic to avoid any pitfalls at the polls, but in the end, more Americans believe climate change is real and is happening now than those who do not. Isn’t it time the President paid attention to the voice of the people?

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Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson


george k.
george k.6 years ago


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Brian P.
Brian Pike6 years ago

Canada is the worst environmental villain, they block and sabatoge climate talks every chance they get. They've got that insane Harper pushing their filthy tar sands to everybody

lis Gunn
lis Gunn6 years ago

Why am I not surprised that America won't endorse the need to do something about climate change and global warming. It always seems to be we will when China, India, Japan, etc do something about it. Talk about vested interests, big business and invalid comparisons (like China is not yet considered an industrialised nation and I suspect its pollution per capita is not as high as the US) What would America have its political leaders say when they are up for election? Why can't we as an international community cooperate for the good of the planet? It shouldn't be so hard to do.

It seems it's all academic anyway as the Hubble telescope reports that Andromeda and Earth are on a collision course - in 4 to 6 million years! So why should we do anything in the shorter term?

Stephen Greg
Jason T6 years ago

There's no way I'm voting for Obama, but I had already decided that. I'll vote for a green part of justice party canidate.

Julie H.
Julie Hoffman6 years ago

Im not really keeping up with politics. But more citizens should do their part. They have power and control too.

Nicole McIntyre
Nicole McIntyre6 years ago

"What we need today is an immediate, comprehensive, full-steam-ahead approach to mitigate and, ultimately, adapt to climate change."
The environment is priority people. Let Obama know! Let the world know. Because our earth, our home, will not "be" if we do not take care of it. What is the point of everything else if there is no earth? Obviously there is none because this is our one and single home, that is all, and we need the earth before we need anything else. We need the earth and it's fresh waters. It's okay that we have clearly over-industrialized our home and caused an enormous negative environmental impact, because we did not know the damages before. But we know now and we need to turn this shit around..for real. Even if that means changing our lifestyles. Because without the earth there are no goddamn lifestyles. For the next generations guys, don't be so goddamn greedy and selfish, and leave them something to live with.

Myron Scott
Myron Scott6 years ago

Oh, hell. Say it? He doesn't even know what it means, really.

Myron Scott
Myron Scott6 years ago

Oh, hell. Say it? He doesn't even know what it means, really.

Mary C.
Past Member 6 years ago

signed and disgusted with all politicians who only have their election interests at heart. There are some things you have to stand up for and this guy is a jellyfish!

Fred F.
Fred F6 years ago

Climate change is just one more in a long string of disappointments with the Obama administration. In my wildest dreams,I never would have imagined the many,many issues where he has left me feeling double crossed. I constantly read posts and letters by angry republicans that claim progressives support Obama no matter what he does. Hardly. Most of the progressives that I know,people who feel deeply about particular issues, are flaming mad at Obama and have been for a long time. They feel betrayed and ignored and are so soured on Obama that it's hard to imagine them voting for his second term. Of course, no republican will ever get these votes either. It should be a good year numbers wise for all the minor party's presidential candidates. Plenty of progressives will vote democratic in congressional and senate races, but give their presidential vote to minor party candidate that most closely mirrors their views. The latest in a string of issues is the recent book with its revelations of Obama's extensive marijuana use as a young man. Coming out at a time when he is raiding marijuana dispensaries in medical marijuana states at greater rate than Bush/Cheney did, in direct violation of his campaign promise not to. An awful lot of people that would otherwise have held their noses and voted for him have become lost votes. They're furious.