Obama to Go to Tucson, Calls on U.S. to Join Together

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will be in Tucson on Wednesday to attend a memorial service for the victims of the shooting that left Representative Gabrielle Giffords critically wounded. Six people, including United States District Judge John M. Roll, Gabriel Zimmerman, Giffords’ director of community outreach, and 9-year-old Christina Taylor Gree, died in the attacks last Saturday, and 11 others were wounded. 

On Monday, the President, the First Lady, and some 300 White House staffers observed a moment of silence on the White House South Lawn while a bell tolled three times. In mourning the victims of the shooting on Monday, the President steered ‘clear of a debate on whether harsh political rhetoric inspired the attack on a congresswoman” and said:

“Right now the main thing we’re doing is to offer our thoughts and prayers to those who’ve been impacted, making sure that we’re joining together and pulling together as a country.” (Reuters)

The President also told reporters to focus on the “extraordinary courage” of those who were at the scene of the shootings, including the two men who wrestled down Jared Lee Loeghner and the woman who, though wounded, grabbed a second magazine he was trying to load into the gun. President Obama said that people like them are

“Part of what I think that speaks to is the best of America, even in the face of such mindless violence.”

The President will speak at a memorial event at the University of Arizona, Together We Thrive: Tucson and America, ‘to support and remember victims of the mass shooting in Tucson, and to lift the spirits of those who have been personally affected by this tragedy.’ The event is free and open to the campus and greater Tucson community.


Photo by PS-OV-ART Patty Sue O'Hair-Vicknair, Artist.


LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Thank you.

Charles Temm JR
Charles Temm JR7 years ago

Too late and though fairly well done, too general. The speech totally ignored the Leftist rhetorical attempts to make political hay out of this tragedy. Obama missed a chance to show he could rein in his own supporters when it counted.

Richelle R.
Richelle R7 years ago

I thought it was a great speech. And yes, I cried.

Rosella Decker
Rosella Decker7 years ago

This is all a tragedy I agree, the little gilr being killed totally broke my heart but I am not one that agrees to let them take guns which you onw legally when they sure cannot get them away from the criminals and crazies out there who come at the people.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

It is amazing that the people of Care 2 can't put their thoughts and their rhetoric in their pocket, for just one day. Shameful.

john hall
john hall7 years ago

kind of funny that the president is saying its time to come together when just last year he was telling the gop to take a hike. he's a joke .pray for the victims and there family's

Bar H.
Bar Hoff7 years ago

Ann C. is that why NPR & The Washington post said the Congress Gifford was dead??
Any way on the topic, WHAT
has mr obama ever done to unify the country??
NOTHING !! he wanted the bail out, the constituants did not, it was forced through,
he wanted health care for everyone!!
85% of the people did not want it and it
was forced through, no one in corgress even
knew what was in the bill, "just vote for
it and we will work the deatails out later.
and when they are afraid it will be repealed
they are quoiting that it will cost 145 billon
no we will save trillons and still have
the best health care in the world.and any on
can go to an ER for treatment.
So now that the congress
has lost some of the COOLAID drinkers total contorl because the people voted them out.
obama goes to leaders that want to distroy
America, oh I forgot he does too. and if
you do not aggree then you are a reciest,
and a hate munger, I am tired of his
BS all he has ever been is a "neibourhood
agitator" never had a business and paid
individual working for him,he does not
have any common sence when it comes
to Capitolisum, but he sure knows
communisum like the baxk of his hand.
and this is just another political
exploitation of a tragity!!

Carrie Burton
Carrie B7 years ago

I would expect nothing less from such good people, but good will it do? They are, after all going to Arizona, almost a foreign country.

Colleen L.
Colleen L7 years ago

I too thank President and Mrs. Obama for going. It's only right that they are there to show support for the ones who have died and also the ones who are still recovering. Like he mentioned, they are parents too and knows too much how much losing a familiy member could impact a family, like the young girl who was born on September 11th. My hearts and prayers have been with all of the victims and and the families of them all. I also pray that the ones who are still critical condition will recover without any real disabilities. Just being there has changed so many lives and I pray that the world can come together to help them overcome this awful act of hatred.